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ACFI4001_S1 - Essential Information Skills (ACFI4001) Subscribe
ACFI4002_S1 - Intro To Accounting 1 (ACFI4002) Subscribe
ACFI4003_S1 - Digital Tech & Maths for Bus (ACFI4003) Subscribe
ACFI4003_S2 - Digital Tech & Maths for Bus (ACFI4003) Subscribe
ACFI4004_S1 - Accounting & Financial Info (ACFI4004) Subscribe
ACFI4004_S2 - Accounting & Financial Info (ACFI4004) Subscribe
ACFI4005_S2 - Introduction to Accounting 2 (ACFI4005) Subscribe
ACFI4006_S1 - Raise Indiv Fin Awareness (ACFI4006) Subscribe
ACFI4006_S2 - Raise Indiv Fin Awareness (ACFI4006) Subscribe
ACFI4012_S2 - Business Accounting Systems (ACFI4012) Subscribe
ACFI4016_S2 - Finance for Marketing (ACFI4016) Subscribe
ACFI4029_S2 - Finance for Managers (ACFI4029) Subscribe
ACFI5001_S1 - Management Accounting (ACFI5001) Subscribe
ACFI5004_S1 - Personal Taxation (ACFI5004) Subscribe
ACFI5007_S2 - Corporate Finance (ACFI5007) Subscribe
ACFI5008_S2 - Managing the Digital Business (ACFI5008) Subscribe
ACFI5009_S12 - Fin Accounting & Reporting (ACFI5009) Subscribe
ACFI5011_S1 - Management Information Systems (ACFI5011) Subscribe
ACFI5013_S1 - Applied Financial Skills (ACFI5013) Subscribe
ACFI5013_S2 - Applied Financial Skills (ACFI5013) Subscribe
ACFI5014_S2 - Research in Accounting (ACFI5014) Subscribe
ACFI5017_S1 - Personal & Professional Dev (ACFI5017) Subscribe
ACFI5018_S2 - Intro to Audit Theory & Prac (ACFI5018) Subscribe
ACFI6004_S1 - Fin & Acc for Business (ACFI6004) Subscribe
ACFI6004_S2 - Fin & Acc for Business (ACFI6004) Subscribe
ACFI6005_S1 - Bus Intel & Decision Making (ACFI6005) Subscribe
ACFI6007_S2 - Bus Accountability & Responsib (ACFI6007) Subscribe
ACFI6008_S1 - Financial Accounting Theory (ACFI6008) Subscribe
ACFI6009_S1 - Bus Aspects of Mgmt Accounting (ACFI6009) Subscribe
ACFI6013_S12 - Accounting Synoptic (ACFI6013) Subscribe
ACFI6015_S12 - Business & Finance Synoptic (ACFI6015) Subscribe
ACFI6016_S1 - Applied Audit and Assurance (ACFI6016) Subscribe
ACFI6017_S2 - Business Taxation (ACFI6017) Subscribe
ACFI6018_S2 - Sustainable Investing (ACFI6018) Subscribe
ACFI6019_S2 - Essentials: Acc & Fin (ACFI6019) Subscribe
ACFI7005_S1 - Management Accounting (ACFI7005) Subscribe
ACFI7006_S1 - Financial Accounting (ACFI7006) Subscribe
ACFI7007_S2 - Performance Management (ACFI7007) Subscribe
ACFI7008_S2 - Financial Reporting (ACFI7008) Subscribe
ACFI7009_S1 - Corporate Finance Concepts (ACFI7009) Subscribe
ACFI7010_S2 - Audit & Assurance (ACFI7010) Subscribe
ACFI7011_S2 - Finance and Strategy (ACFI7011) Subscribe
ACFI7012_S1 - Fin Markets & Institutions (ACFI7012) Subscribe
ACFI7012_S2 - Fin Markets & Institutions (ACFI7012) Subscribe
ACFI7013_S2 - International Finance (ACFI7013) Subscribe
ACFI7015_S13 - Research Project (ACFI7015) Subscribe
ACFI7015_S21 - Research Project (ACFI7015) Subscribe
ACFI7016_S2 - Financial Modelling (ACFI7016) Subscribe
ACFI7017_S2 - Corporate Governance (ACFI7017) Subscribe
ACFI7018_S2 - Corporate Soc Responsibility (ACFI7018) Subscribe
ACFI7019_S2 - Corporate Gov & Social Resp (ACFI7019) Subscribe
ACFI7026_S2 - Professional & Digital Skills (ACFI7026) Subscribe
ACFI7027_S1 - Quantitative Methods: Finance (ACFI7027) Subscribe
ACFI7027_S2 - Quantitative Methods: Finance (ACFI7027) Subscribe
ACFI7028_S1 - Strategic Business Reporting (ACFI7028) Subscribe
ACFI7028_S2 - Strategic Business Reporting (ACFI7028) Subscribe
ACFI7029_S1 - Strategic Business Leader (ACFI7029) Subscribe
ACFI7029_S12 - Strategic Business Leader (ACFI7029) Subscribe
ACFI7030_S2 - Adv Performance Management (ACFI7030) Subscribe
ACFI7031_S1 - Adv Audit and Assurance (ACFI7031) Subscribe
ACFI7032_S2 - Sustainable Finance (ACFI7032) Subscribe
AISO7001_S1 - Business Intelligence (AISO7001) Subscribe
AISO7001_S2 - Business Intelligence (AISO7001) Subscribe
AISO7002_S1 - Practice of Data Analysis (AISO7002) Subscribe
AISO7002_S2 - Practice of Data Analysis (AISO7002) Subscribe
AISO7003_S2 - Business Analytics (AISO7003) Subscribe
AISO7003_S3 - Business Analytics (AISO7003) Subscribe
AISO7004_S2 - Data Driven Decision Making (AISO7004) Subscribe
AISO7004_S3 - Data Driven Decision Making (AISO7004) Subscribe
ANTH4001_S2 - Intro to Biol Anthropology (ANTH4001) Subscribe
ANTH4004_S2 - Intro Japan Society & Culture (ANTH4004) Subscribe
ANTH4005_S1 - Family, Kinship and Society (ANTH4005) Subscribe
ANTH4006_S1 - Primate Societies (ANTH4006) Subscribe
ANTH4006_S2 - Primate Societies (ANTH4006) Subscribe
ANTH4007_S1 - Becoming an Anthropologist 1 (ANTH4007) Subscribe
ANTH4008_S2 - Becoming an Anthropologist 2 (ANTH4008) Subscribe
ANTH4009_S2 - Being Human (ANTH4009) Subscribe
ANTH4010_S1 - Becoming human (ANTH4010) Subscribe
ANTH5001_S2 - Personhood Gender & Body Japan (ANTH5001) Subscribe
ANTH5003_S1 - Ritual and Society (ANTH5003) Subscribe
ANTH5003_S2 - Ritual and Society (ANTH5003) Subscribe
ANTH5006_S2 - Methods & Analysis:Biol Anthro (ANTH5006) Subscribe
ANTH5007_S1 - European Societies (ANTH5007) Subscribe
ANTH5008_S2 - Research Methods Social Anthro (ANTH5008) Subscribe
ANTH5010_S1 - Social Anthropology Theory (ANTH5010) Subscribe
ANTH5012_S1 - Human Evolution (ANTH5012) Subscribe
ANTH5013_S1 - Primate Adaptation & Evolution (ANTH5013) Subscribe
ANTH5015_S2 - Heath, Culture and Ecology (ANTH5015) Subscribe
ANTH5018_S2 - Anthropology in Action (ANTH5018) Subscribe
ANTH5020_S1 - Reading Contemp Ethnography (ANTH5020) Subscribe
ANTH5022_S2 - Study of Biological Anthropol (ANTH5022) Subscribe
ANTH5026_S1 - Understanding India (ANTH5026) Subscribe
ANTH5026_S2 - Understanding India (ANTH5026) Subscribe
ANTH5028_S2 - Anthropology in Practice (ANTH5028) Subscribe
ANTH6002_S1 - Minorities & Marginality Japan (ANTH6002) Subscribe
ANTH6003_S1 - Forensic Anthropology (ANTH6003) Subscribe
ANTH6004_S2 - Personhood, Gender & the Body (ANTH6004) Subscribe
ANTH6005_S1 - Africa:Past& Present Transform (ANTH6005) Subscribe
ANTH6006_S2 - The Study of Human Ecology (ANTH6006) Subscribe
ANTH6008_S1 - Cognitive Evolution (ANTH6008) Subscribe
ANTH6009_S2 - Analytical Methods:Biol Anthro (ANTH6009) Subscribe
ANTH6010_S2 - Culture & Care (ANTH6010) Subscribe
ANTH6012_S1 - The Study of Ritual & Society (ANTH6012) Subscribe
ANTH6012_S2 - The Study of Ritual & Society (ANTH6012) Subscribe
ANTH6013_S1 - Study of European Societies (ANTH6013) Subscribe
ANTH6014_S2 - Research Methods:Social Anthro (ANTH6014) Subscribe
ANTH6016_S1 - The Study of Human Evolution (ANTH6016) Subscribe
ANTH6018_S1 - Primate Adaptation & Evolution (ANTH6018) Subscribe
ANTH6020_S1 - Culture, Capitalism & Social T (ANTH6020) Subscribe
ANTH6020_S2 - Subjectivities & Social Transf (ANTH6020) Subscribe
ANTH6021_S1 - People & Other Animals (ANTH6021) Subscribe
ANTH6024_S1 - Study of Social Anthro Theory (ANTH6024) Subscribe
ANTH6026_S1 - Primate Conservation (ANTH6026) Subscribe
ANTH6026_S2 - Primate Conservation (ANTH6026) Subscribe
ANTH6027_S2 - Molecular Anthropology (ANTH6027) Subscribe
ANTH6031_S1 - Reading Contemp Ethnography (ANTH6031) Subscribe
ANTH6032_S2 - Development & Humanitarianism (ANTH6032) Subscribe
ANTH7001_S1 - Primate Diversity & Conservtn (ANTH7001) Subscribe
ANTH7002_S1 - People-Primate Interactions (ANTH7002) Subscribe
ANTH7003_S1 - Primate Conservtn Res Methods (ANTH7003) Subscribe
ANTH7003_S2 - Primate Conservtn Res Methods (ANTH7003) Subscribe
ANTH7004_S2 - Conservation Genetics (ANTH7004) Subscribe
ANTH7005_S2 - Captive Management & Rehab (ANTH7005) Subscribe
ANTH7006_S1 - Conservation Educ & Outreach (ANTH7006) Subscribe
ANTH7006_S2 - Conservation Educ & Outreach (ANTH7006) Subscribe
ANTH7008_S1 - Adv Study:People&Other Animals (ANTH7008) Subscribe
ANTH7009_S1 - Adv Study:PrimateAdapt&Evolutn (ANTH7009) Subscribe
ANTH7010_S1 - Adv Study: Cognitive Evolution (ANTH7010) Subscribe
ANTH7012_S1 - IS:Lemurs & Nocturnal Primates (ANTH7012) Subscribe
ANTH7014_S2 - IS:Apes in the Anthropocene (ANTH7014) Subscribe
ANTH7015_S1 - IS:Primatology & Conservation (ANTH7015) Subscribe
ARCH4001_S1 - Introduction to Arch Design 1 (ARCH4001) Subscribe
ARCH4002_S2 - Introduction to Arch Design 2 (ARCH4002) Subscribe
ARCH4003_S12 - Architectural Representation (ARCH4003) Subscribe
ARCH4004_S1 - Architecture and Society (ARCH4004) Subscribe
ARCH4005_S2 - Intro to Arch History & Theory (ARCH4005) Subscribe
ARCH4006_S12 - Intro to Arch Technology (ARCH4006) Subscribe
ARCH5001_S12 - Architectural Technology 1 (ARCH5001) Subscribe
ARCH5002_S12 - Architectural Design 1 (ARCH5002) Subscribe
ARCH5003_S12 - Architectural Design 2 (ARCH5003) Subscribe
ARCH5004_S12 - Digital Culture (ARCH5004) Subscribe
ARCH5005_S1 - Cities, Culture and Society (ARCH5005) Subscribe
ARCH5006_S2 - Architectural History & Theory (ARCH5006) Subscribe
ARCH5007_S1 - Interior Architecture 1 (ARCH5007) Subscribe
ARCH5008_S2 - Interior Architecture 2 (ARCH5008) Subscribe
ARCH5010_S12 - Material Exploration (ARCH5010) Subscribe
ARCH6001_S2 - Design Practice (ARCH6001) Subscribe
ARCH6003_S12 - Management Practice & Law (ARCH6003) Subscribe
ARCH6004_S12 - Advanced Architectural Tech (ARCH6004) Subscribe
ARCH6005_S12 - Architectural Design 3 (ARCH6005) Subscribe
ARCH6006_S1 - Interior Architecture 3 (ARCH6006) Subscribe
ARCH6006_S2 - Interior Architecture 3 (ARCH6006) Subscribe
ARCH6007_S12 - Architectural Design 4 (ARCH6007) Subscribe
ARCH6008_S12 - Dissertation (ARCH6008) Subscribe
ARCH6009_S12 - Technical Design (ARCH6009) Subscribe
ARCH7004_S12 - Research Methods for Design (ARCH7004) Subscribe
ARCH7005_S12 - Representation (ARCH7005) Subscribe
ARCH7006_S12 - Management, Practice & Law 1 (ARCH7006) Subscribe
ARCH7007_S12 - Advanced Technology for Design (ARCH7007) Subscribe
ARCH7008_S12 - Management, Practice & Law 2 (ARCH7008) Subscribe
ARCH7010_S12 - Design Studio II (ARCH7010) Subscribe
ARCH7011_S12 - Research-led Design I (ARCH7011) Subscribe
ARCH7012_S12 - Research-led Design II (ARCH7012) Subscribe
ARCH7013_S12 - Design Studio I (ARCH7013) Subscribe
ARCH7014_S12 - Advanced Arch Design Research (ARCH7014) Subscribe
ARCH7015_S12 - Representation & Realisation (ARCH7015) Subscribe
ARCH7015_S2 - Representation & Realisation (ARCH7015) Subscribe
ARCH7017_S3 - MArch Dissertation/Project (ARCH7017) Subscribe
ARCH7018_S12 - Urban Cultures (ARCH7018) Subscribe
ARCH7019_S2 - Architecture and the City (ARCH7019) Subscribe
ARCH7020_S2 - Regeneration and Dev Project (ARCH7020) Subscribe
ARCH7023_S1 - Building Physics (ARCH7023) Subscribe
ARCH7024_S2 - Urban Sustain & Microclimates (ARCH7024) Subscribe
ARCH7025_S12 - Building Perform Evaluation (ARCH7025) Subscribe
ARCH7027_S12 - Research Methods & Design (ARCH7027) Subscribe
ARCH7029_S12 - Services & Systems (ARCH7029) Subscribe
ARCH7031_S12 - Building Sim & Des in Context (ARCH7031) Subscribe
ARCH7044_S2 - Resilient Urbanism (ARCH7044) Subscribe
ARCH7045_S12 - Design Studio Spec I Explore (ARCH7045) Subscribe
ARCH7046_S12 - Design Studio Spec II Project (ARCH7046) Subscribe
ARCH7047_S1 - Spatial Qualities: H & T (ARCH7047) Subscribe
ARCH7048_S12 - Affordance: Pract of Soc Space (ARCH7048) Subscribe
ARCH7049_S1 - Design Variables: Tech & Exp (ARCH7049) Subscribe
ARCH7049_S12 - Design Variables: Tech & Exp (ARCH7049) Subscribe
ARCH7050_S1 - Furnitecture: Research & Desig (ARCH7050) Subscribe
ARCH7051_S2 - Social Space: Research & Desig (ARCH7051) Subscribe
ARCH7052_S3 - Dissertation - MA IH (ARCH7052) Subscribe
ARCH7053_S2 - Advanced Digital Practice (ARCH7053) Subscribe
ARCH7054_S2 - Collaborative Studio (ARCH7054) Subscribe
ARCH7055_S1 - Contextual Theory (ARCH7055) Subscribe
ARCH7056_S1 - Design for Digital Manufacture (ARCH7056) Subscribe
ARCH7058_S1 - Design Agency (D, R & R) (ARCH7058) Subscribe
ARCH7059_S2 - Design Praxis (D, R & R) (ARCH7059) Subscribe
ARCH7060_S12 - Arch Design 1 - Thesis (ARCH7060) Subscribe
ARCH7061_S12 - Arch Design 2 - Experiment (ARCH7061) Subscribe
ARCH7062_S12 - Arch Design 3 - Praxis (ARCH7062) Subscribe
ARCH7063_S12 - Design Technology (ARCH7063) Subscribe
ARCH7064_S1 - Urban Cultures (ARCH7064) Subscribe
ARCH7065_S12 - Architecture and the City (ARCH7065) Subscribe
ARCH7067_S2 - Adv Architectural Design R & R (ARCH7067) Subscribe
ARCH7068_S13 - Major Research Project (ARCH7068) Subscribe
ARCH7069_S1 - Building Performance Eval (ARCH7069) Subscribe
ARCH7070_S2 - Climate Urban Development (ARCH7070) Subscribe
ARCH7071_S2 - Design & Simulation (ARCH7071) Subscribe
ARCH7072_S1 - Net Zero Building Tech (ARCH7072) Subscribe
ARTD3007_A3 - Diagnostic Investigation in CP (ARTD3007) Subscribe
ARTD3008_C4 - Developing Specialist Practice (ARTD3008) Subscribe
ARTD4004_S1 - CT1: Analysis in Contemp Art (ARTD4004) Subscribe
ARTD4005_S2 - CT2: Expanded Self and Beyond (ARTD4005) Subscribe
ARTD4009_S2 - P2: The Gallery and Beyond (ARTD4009) Subscribe
ARTD4020_S1 - P1: Experimental Projects (ARTD4020) Subscribe
ARTD4021_S2 - RAW1: Intro to Creative Career (ARTD4021) Subscribe
ARTD5002_S1 - CT3: Access & Interdisp Pract (ARTD5002) Subscribe
ARTD5009_S1 - P3: Extending Practice (ARTD5009) Subscribe
ARTD5010_S2 - P4: Consolidating Practice (ARTD5010) Subscribe
ARTD5020_S2 - Placement in Creative Ind (ARTD5020) Subscribe
ARTD5021_S2 - CT4: Art and Critical Env (ARTD5021) Subscribe
ARTD5022_S2 - RAW2:Expanded Creative Project (ARTD5022) Subscribe
ARTD6001_S1 - P5: Research and Development (ARTD6001) Subscribe
ARTD6002_S1 - CT5: Independent Research (ARTD6002) Subscribe
ARTD6005_S2 - Fine Art Major Project (ARTD6005) Subscribe
ARTD6020_S2 - RAW3:Independent Prof Projects (ARTD6020) Subscribe
ARTD6021_S2 - P6: Major Project (ARTD6021) Subscribe
ARTD7001_S12 - Professional Experience (ARTD7001) Subscribe
ARTD7002_S1 - FAP1: Research in Practice (ARTD7002) Subscribe
ARTD7003_S23 - FAP2: Major Project (ARTD7003) Subscribe
ARTD7004_S1 - FAT1: Contemp Fine Art Culture (ARTD7004) Subscribe
ARTD7005_S2 - FAT2: Extended Critical Essay (ARTD7005) Subscribe
BENV3001_S12 - Integrative & Contextual Stud (BENV3001) Subscribe
BENV3002_S1 - Environmental Science (BENV3002) Subscribe
BENV3003_S1 - Investigating the Built Env (BENV3003) Subscribe
BENV3004_S1 - Study Skills for Built Env (BENV3004) Subscribe
BENV3005_S1 - Digital Skills for Built Env (BENV3005) Subscribe
BENV3006_S1 - Sustainability in Built Env (BENV3006) Subscribe
BENV4001_S2 - Essential Skills in Built Env (BENV4001) Subscribe
BENV4002_S1 - Intro to Property Development (BENV4002) Subscribe
BENV4003_S2 - Intro to Sustainable Construct (BENV4003) Subscribe
BENV4004_S1 - Word Processing & IT Skills (BENV4004) Subscribe
BENV4004_S2 - Word Processing & IT Skills (BENV4004) Subscribe
BENV4005_S2 - Foundation Planning (BENV4005) Subscribe
BENV4006_S2 - Intro to Urban Design & Arch (BENV4006) Subscribe
BENV4007_S2 - Introduction to Construction (BENV4007) Subscribe
BENV4008_S2 - Intro to Real Estate (BENV4008) Subscribe
BIOL3001_S12 - Foundation Biological Sciences (BIOL3001) Subscribe
BIOL3002_S12 - Foundation Chemistry (BIOL3002) Subscribe
BIOL3003_S12 - Foundation Mathematics (BIOL3003) Subscribe
BIOL3004_S1 - Foundation Academic Skills (BIOL3004) Subscribe
BIOL3005_S2 - Foundation Project (BIOL3005) Subscribe
BIOL4001_S12 - Biodiversity (BIOL4001) Subscribe
BIOL4002_S12 - Cell Biology and Genetics (BIOL4002) Subscribe
BIOL4004_S12 - The Practising Scientist (BIOL4004 - EX1) Subscribe
BIOL4007_S12 - The Physical Environment (BIOL4007) Subscribe
BIOL4008_S23 - Identification & Methodology (BIOL4008) Subscribe
BIOL4013_S12 - Communicating Science (BIOL4013) Subscribe
BIOL4014_S12 - Quantitative Skills for Life S (BIOL4014) Subscribe
BIOL4015_S1 - Global Issues in Conservation (BIOL4015) Subscribe
BIOL5001_S1 - Career Development (BIOL5001) Subscribe
BIOL5002_S2 - Interrogating Genomes (BIOL5002) Subscribe
BIOL5005_S1 - The Green Planet (BIOL5005) Subscribe
BIOL5012_S2 - Surveys & Licensing (BIOL5012) Subscribe
BIOL5014_S1 - Molecular Biology (BIOL5014) Subscribe
BIOL5015_S2 - Genetics (BIOL5015) Subscribe
BIOL5016_S1 - Animal Developmental Biology (BIOL5016) Subscribe
BIOL5016_S2 - Animal Developmental Biology (BIOL5016) Subscribe
BIOL5017_S1 - Data Carpentry (BIOL5017) Subscribe
BIOL5018_S2 - Cell Biology (BIOL5018) Subscribe
BIOL5022_S2 - Animal Behaviour (BIOL5022) Subscribe
BIOL5023_S1 - Threatened Species (BIOL5023) Subscribe
BIOL5024_S2 - Enviro-Biosphere Interactions (BIOL5024) Subscribe
BIOL5025_S2 - Environmental Change (BIOL5025) Subscribe
BIOL6001_S2 - Adv Cell Biology & Bioimaging (BIOL6001) Subscribe
BIOL6004_S2 - Science & Humanity (BIOL6004) Subscribe
BIOL6005_S12 - Evolution & Animal Development (BIOL6005) Subscribe
BIOL6007_S12 - Environmental Consultancy (BIOL6007) Subscribe
BIOL6008_S1 - Adv Topics Wildlife Conservtn (BIOL6008) Subscribe
BIOL6010_S12 - Profes Skills & Techniques (BIOL6010) Subscribe
BIOL6011_S1 - Adv Genetics & Genomics (BIOL6011) Subscribe
BIOL6012_S2 - Animal Neurobiol & Behaviour (BIOL6012) Subscribe
BIOL6013_S1 - Work Experience (BIOL6013) Subscribe
BIOL6013_S2 - Work Experience (BIOL6013) Subscribe
BIOL6015_S2 - Environmental Change (BIOL6015) Subscribe
BIOL7001_S13 - Taxonomy & Identification (BIOL7001) Subscribe
BIOL7002_S12 - Ecology for Conservation (BIOL7002) Subscribe
BIOL7003_S1 - Legislation, Humans & Wildlife (BIOL7003) Subscribe
BIOL7004_S2 - Biodiversity & Ecosys Services (BIOL7004) Subscribe
BIOL7006_S12 - Research Project (BIOL7006) Subscribe
BIOL7006_S23 - Research Project (BIOL7006) Subscribe
BIOL7012_S12 - Research Practice (BIOL7012) Subscribe
BIOL7013_S1 - Research Skills for Cons Ecolo (BIOL7013) Subscribe
BIOL7014_S1 - Ecosystem Degradation & Mgmt (BIOL7014) Subscribe
BIOS4001_S12 - Human Structure & Function (BIOS4001) Subscribe
BIOS4004_S1 - Scientific Skills (BIOS4004) Subscribe
BIOS4005_S2 - Prof & Experimental Skills (BIOS4005) Subscribe
BIOS4006_S1 - Introduction to Biochemistry A (BIOS4006) Subscribe
BIOS4007_S2 - Introduction to Biochemistry B (BIOS4007) Subscribe
BIOS5002_S2 - Res Methods for Health Science (BIOS5002) Subscribe
BIOS5003_S12 - Biochemistry of Cell Function (BIOS5003) Subscribe
BIOS5004_S2 - Microbiology (BIOS5004) Subscribe
BIOS5005_S2 - Haematology & Immunology (BIOS5005) Subscribe
BIOS5006_S1 - Cellular Pathology (BIOS5006) Subscribe
BIOS5010_S12 - Integrated Physiology (BIOS5010) Subscribe
BIOS5011_S1 - Molecular Biology (BIOS5011) Subscribe
BIOS5012_S1 - Genetics (BIOS5012) Subscribe
BIOS6001_S1 - Pathophysiology (BIOS6001) Subscribe
BIOS6003_S2 - Genomic Medicine (BIOS6003) Subscribe
BIOS6004_S1 - Infection,Immunity&Immunology (BIOS6004) Subscribe
BIOS6006_S1 - Molecular Biology of Cancer (BIOS6006) Subscribe
BIOS6007_S2 - Human Genetic Disease (BIOS6007) Subscribe
BIOS6008_S2 - Evidence Based Med&Diagnostics (BIOS6008) Subscribe
BIOS6009_S12 - Neuroscience (BIOS6009) Subscribe
BIOS6010_S12 - Project (BIOS6010) Subscribe
BIOS6010_S21 - Project (BIOS6010) Subscribe
BIOS6011_S2 - Clinical Biochemistry (BIOS6011) Subscribe
BIOS6012_S1 - Clinical Pharmacology (BIOS6012) Subscribe
BIOS6023_S12 - Advances in Bioscience Res (BIOS6023) Subscribe
BIOS7001_S1 - Advanced Molecular Techniques (BIOS7001) Subscribe
BIOS7002_S2 - Genome Science (BIOS7002) Subscribe
BIOS7004_S1 - Human Genetic Disease (BIOS7004) Subscribe
BIOS7005_S1 - Introductory Bioinformatics (BIOS7005) Subscribe
BIOS7006_S2 - Clin Genetics & Diagnostics (BIOS7006) Subscribe
BIOS7007_S2 - Advances in Medical Genetics (BIOS7007) Subscribe
BIOS7009_S2 - Research Project (BIOS7009) Subscribe
BLS_S13 - Basic Life Support (BLS) Subscribe
BMGT4001_S1 - Foundations of Business (BMGT4001) Subscribe
BMGT4001_S2 - Foundations of Business (BMGT4001) Subscribe
BMGT4001_S3 - Foundations of Business (BMGT4001) Subscribe
BMGT4003_S12 - Intro to Business & Mgmt (BMGT4003) Subscribe
BMGT4004_S1 - Explore Intl Business (BMGT4004) Subscribe
BMGT4004_S12 - Explore Intl Bus & Mgmt (BMGT4004) Subscribe
BMGT4004_S2 - Explore Intl Business (BMGT4004) Subscribe
BMGT4006_S2 - Global Business Communications (BMGT4006) Subscribe
BMGT4008_S1 - The Entrepreneur (BMGT4008) Subscribe
BMGT4008_S2 - The Entrepreneur (BMGT4008) Subscribe
BMGT4009_S1 - Business in Society (BMGT4009) Subscribe
BMGT4009_S2 - Business in Society (BMGT4009) Subscribe
BMGT4010_S1 - Work,Employment&Globalisation (BMGT4010) Subscribe
BMGT4010_S2 - Work,Employment&Globalisation (BMGT4010) Subscribe
BMGT4029_S2 - Creativity and Innovation (BMGT4029) Subscribe
BMGT4030_S1 - Professional Practice #1 (BMGT4030) Subscribe
BMGT4030_S2 - Professional Practice #1 (BMGT4030) Subscribe
BMGT4031_S2 - The Business Life Cycle (BMGT4031) Subscribe
BMGT4032_S2 - Intl. Bus. Pract. #1: Envir. (BMGT4032) Subscribe
BMGT5001_S1 - Corporate & Business Law (BMGT5001) Subscribe
BMGT5004_S2 - Bus Strat for Competitive Adv (BMGT5004) Subscribe
BMGT5005_S1 - Intl Business Strategy (BMGT5005) Subscribe
BMGT5007_S1 - Environmental Sustainable Bus (BMGT5007) Subscribe
BMGT5007_S2 - Environmental Sustainable Bus (BMGT5007) Subscribe
BMGT5008_S1 - Independent Study in Business (BMGT5008) Subscribe
BMGT5008_S2 - Independent Study in Business (BMGT5008) Subscribe
BMGT5010_S1 - Managing Business Operations (BMGT5010) Subscribe
BMGT5011_S1 - Managing Business Projects (BMGT5011) Subscribe
BMGT5012_S2 - Purchasing & Supply Chain Mgmt (BMGT5012) Subscribe
BMGT5013_S2 - Creativity & Innovation (BMGT5013) Subscribe
BMGT5015_S1 - Enterprise & Entrepreneurship (BMGT5015) Subscribe
BMGT5017_S1 - Intro to People Management (BMGT5017) Subscribe
BMGT5018_S2 - Leading with Purpose (BMGT5018) Subscribe
BMGT5021_S2 - Research Methods (BMGT5021) Subscribe
BMGT5022_S1 - Organisation Behaviour & Mgmt (BMGT5022) Subscribe
BMGT5023_S2 - Critical Management (BMGT5023) Subscribe
BMGT5024_S2 - Eval Options Entrepreneur Orgs (BMGT5024) Subscribe
BMGT5026_S1 - Develop Prof Practice (BMGT5026) Subscribe
BMGT5038_S12 - Placement Search & Preparation (BMGT5038) Subscribe
BMGT5038_S13 - Placement Search & Preparation (BMGT5038) Subscribe
BMGT5038_S23 - Placement Search & Preparation (BMGT5038) Subscribe
BMGT5039_S2 - Intl Markets & Competition (BMGT5039) Subscribe
BMGT5040_S2 - Live Client Strategic Project (BMGT5040) Subscribe
BMGT5048_S1 - Dev Prof Prac in Business & La (BMGT5048) Subscribe
BMGT5049_S2 - International Business Law (BMGT5049) Subscribe
BMGT6002_S12 - Business & Management Synoptic (BMGT6002) Subscribe
BMGT6007_S12 - Dissertation in Bus & Mgmt (BMGT6007) Subscribe
BMGT6007_S21 - Dissertation in Bus & Mgmt (BMGT6007) Subscribe
BMGT6009_S1 - Managing Careers (BMGT6009) Subscribe
BMGT6011_S12 - Entrepreneurial Business Mgmt (BMGT6011) Subscribe
BMGT6012_S1 - Social Enterprise & Innovation (BMGT6012) Subscribe
BMGT6014_S2 - Leading & Managing Change (BMGT6014) Subscribe
BMGT6015_S2 - Perspectives on Intl Mgmt (BMGT6015) Subscribe
BMGT6016_S12 - Intl Business Consultancy (BMGT6016) Subscribe
BMGT6017_S1 - Strategic Management (BMGT6017) Subscribe
BMGT6017_S2 - Strategic Management (BMGT6017) Subscribe
BMGT6020_S1 - Independent Study (BMGT6020) Subscribe
BMGT6020_S2 - Independent Study (BMGT6020) Subscribe
BMGT6021_S12 - Critical Enquiry Res Project (BMGT6021) Subscribe
BMGT6021_S21 - Critical Enquiry Res Project (BMGT6021) Subscribe
BMGT6024_S2 - Business Ethics (BMGT6024) Subscribe
BMGT6025_S1 - Coaching in the Workplace (BMGT6025) Subscribe
BMGT6026_S1 - Business at the Cutting Edge (BMGT6026) Subscribe
BMGT6027_S1 - Contemp Issues: Intl HR Mgmt (BMGT6027) Subscribe
BMGT6028_S1 - Essential Skills: Acad Success (BMGT6028) Subscribe
BMGT6028_S2 - Essential Skills: Acad Success (BMGT6028) Subscribe
BMGT6029_S1 - Bus Governance & Human Rights (BMGT6029) Subscribe
BMGT6039_S1 - Placement Learning (BMGT6039) Subscribe
BMGT6039_S2 - Placement Learning (BMGT6039) Subscribe
BMGT6040_S2 - Cont Legal Issues in Business (BMGT6040) Subscribe
BMGT6041_S12 - Interdis Case Study Analysis (BMGT6041) Subscribe
BMGT6065_S1 - Entrepreneurial Bus. Ideation (BMGT6065) Subscribe
BMGT6066_S2 - Entrepreneurial Bus. Launch (BMGT6066) Subscribe
BMGT7011_S2 - Intl Bus in Pract: Study Trip (BMGT7011) Subscribe
BMGT7013_S1 - Managing Int Organisations (BMGT7013) Subscribe
BMGT7019_S2 - Project Management (BMGT7019) Subscribe
BMGT7021_S1 - Research Methods (BMGT7021) Subscribe
BMGT7021_S2 - Research Methods (BMGT7021) Subscribe
BMGT7024_S1 - Consultancy Project (BMGT7024) Subscribe
BMGT7024_S2 - Consultancy Project (BMGT7024) Subscribe
BMGT7025_S1 - Entrepreneur Theory & Practice (BMGT7025) Subscribe
BMGT7025_S2 - Entrepreneur Theory & Practice (BMGT7025) Subscribe
BMGT7028_S23 - Client Project (BMGT7028) Subscribe
BMGT7028_S31 - Client Project (BMGT7028) Subscribe
BMGT7030_S3 - Strategic Business Simulation (BMGT7030) Subscribe
BMGT7034_S2 - Planning New Business Ventures (BMGT7034) Subscribe
BMGT7037_S2 - Virtual Global Study Trip (BMGT7037) Subscribe
BMGT7037_S3 - Virtual Global Study Trip (BMGT7037) Subscribe
BMGT7039_S1 - Proc & Supply Chain Mgmt (BMGT7039) Subscribe
BMGT7040_S2 - Strat & Sustainable Logistics (BMGT7040) Subscribe
BMGT7042_S2 - Business Strategy (BMGT7042) Subscribe
BMGT7043_S1 - Operations Management (BMGT7043) Subscribe
BMGT7043_S2 - Operations Management (BMGT7043) Subscribe
BMGT7046_S12 - Dev Skills for Bus Leadership (BMGT7046) Subscribe
BMGT7046_S21 - Dev Skills for Bus Leadership (BMGT7046) Subscribe
BMGT7048_S2 - Global Strategic Management (BMGT7048) Subscribe
BMGT7048_S3 - Global Strategic Management (BMGT7048) Subscribe
BMGT7049_S23 - Integ Business Research Proj (BMGT7049) Subscribe
BMGT7049_S31 - Integ Business Research Proj (BMGT7049) Subscribe
BMGT7050_S23 - Dissertation (BMGT7050) Subscribe
BMGT7050_S31 - Dissertation (BMGT7050) Subscribe
BMGT7055_S1 - Methods of Enquiry (BMGT7055) Subscribe
BMGT7056_S2 - Family Business, Innov&Sustain (BMGT7056) Subscribe
BMGT7057_S1 - Social Enterprise & Innovation (BMGT7057) Subscribe
BMGT7060_S12 - Creativity-Insight-Action (BMGT7060) Subscribe
BMGT7061_S2 - Digital Business Strategy (BMGT7061) Subscribe
BMGT7062_S1 - Info Systems in Organisations (BMGT7062) Subscribe
BMGT7064_S1 - Innovation, Change & Organis. (BMGT7064) Subscribe
BMGT7064_S2 - Innovation, Change & Organis. (BMGT7064) Subscribe
BMGT7065_S2 - Leadership and Management (BMGT7065) Subscribe
BMGT7071_S1 - Strategic Planning in Practice (BMGT7071) Subscribe
BMGT7071_S2 - Strategic Planning in Practice (BMGT7071) Subscribe
BMGT7072_S1 - Business Intelligence (BMGT7072) Subscribe
BMGT7072_S2 - Business Intelligence (BMGT7072) Subscribe
BMGT7072_S3 - Business Intelligence (BMGT7072) Subscribe
BMGT7073_S2 - Data Driven Decision Making (BMGT7073) Subscribe
BMGT7073_S3 - Data Driven Decision Making (BMGT7073) Subscribe
BMGT7074_S1 - Business Analytics (BMGT7074) Subscribe
BMGT7074_S2 - Business Analytics (BMGT7074) Subscribe
BMGT7074_S3 - Business Analytics (BMGT7074) Subscribe
BMGT7075_S23 - Final Research Project (BMGT7075) Subscribe
BMGT7075_S31 - Final Research Project (BMGT7075) Subscribe
BMGT7076_S12 - Dev. Skills: Leader & Employer (BMGT7076) Subscribe
BMGT7076_S21 - Dev. Skills: Leader & Employer (BMGT7076) Subscribe
BMGT7077_S1 - Org Behav. Lead & Change (BMGT7077) Subscribe
BMGT7077_S2 - Org Behav. Lead & Change (BMGT7077) Subscribe
BMGT7078_S1 - Practice of Data Analysis (BMGT7078) Subscribe
BMGT7078_S2 - Practice of Data Analysis (BMGT7078) Subscribe
BMGT7079_S1 - Practice of Business & Mngmnt (BMGT7079) Subscribe
BMGT7079_S2 - Practice of Business & Mngmnt (BMGT7079) Subscribe
BMGT7080_S1 - Innovation and Enterprise (BMGT7080) Subscribe
BMGT7081_S2 - Entrepreneurship in Context (BMGT7081) Subscribe
BMGT7082_S2 - Strat, Inno. & Change Mngmnt (BMGT7082) Subscribe
BMGT7082_S31 - Strat, Inno. & Change Mngmnt (BMGT7082) Subscribe
BMGT7083_S2 - Group Consul. Project (BMGT7083) Subscribe
CAMP7001_S1 - Transform Learning & Adult Dev (CAMP7001) Subscribe
CAMP7002_S2 - Psych Dimension Coach & Mentor (CAMP7002) Subscribe
CAMP7004_S1 - Coaching & Mentoring in Orgs (CAMP7004) Subscribe
CAMP7006_S1 - Research Coaching & Mentoring (CAMP7006) Subscribe
CAMP7007_S23 - Dissertation (CAMP7007) Subscribe
CAMP7009_S12 - Coach&Mentor Prac Fundamentals (CAMP7009) Subscribe
CAMP7010_S23 - Advanced Practice (CAMP7010) Subscribe
CAMP7012_S1 - Psychology:coach & mentoring (CAMP7012) Subscribe
CAMP8001_S2 - Issues in Qualitative Research (CAMP8001) Subscribe
CAMP8002_S12 - Advanced Quantitative Methods (CAMP8002) Subscribe
CAMP8003_S3 - Doctoral Research Design (CAMP8003) Subscribe
CAMP8004_S1 - Thesis - Doctor of Coaching & Mentoring (CAMP8004) Subscribe
CAMP8004_S2 - Thesis - Doctor of Coaching & Mentoring (CAMP8004) Subscribe
CAMP8004_S3 - Thesis - Doctor of Coaching & Mentoring (CAMP8004) Subscribe
CAMP8005_S1 - Transition to Doct Research (CAMP8005) Subscribe
CHIN4001_S1 - Mandarin Chinese Beginners 1 (CHIN4001) Subscribe
CHIN4002_S2 - Mandarin Chinese Beginners 2 (CHIN4002) Subscribe
CHIN4006_S2 - Conversational Chinese (CHIN4006) Subscribe
CHIN5001_S1 - Chinese Upper Intermediate 1 (CHIN5001) Subscribe
CHIN5002_S2 - Chinese Upper Intermediate 2 (CHIN5002) Subscribe
CHIN5003_S1 - Mandarin Chinese Lower Inter (CHIN5003) Subscribe
CHIN5004_S2 - Conversational Chinese (CHIN5004) Subscribe
CHIN6001_S1 - Mandarin Chinese Upper Int 1 (CHIN6001) Subscribe
CHIN6002_S2 - Mandarin Chinese Upper Int 2 (CHIN6002) Subscribe
CHNR7004_S1 - Psysocial Care: Child,Adol&Fam (CHNR7004) Subscribe
CMC4001_S1 - Understanding Communication (CMC4001) Subscribe
CMC4002_S1 - Understanding Media (CMC4002) Subscribe
CMC4003_S1 - Investigating CMC (CMC4003) Subscribe
CMC4004_S2 - Understanding Culture: I, R &P (CMC4004) Subscribe
CMC4006_S2 - Understanding Digital Cultures (CMC4006) Subscribe
CMC4007_S1 - Producing & Editing Text (CMC4007) Subscribe
CMC5001_S1 - Orgs & the Creative Industries (CMC5001) Subscribe
CMC5002_S2 - Research Methods (CMC5002) Subscribe
CMC5004_S2 - Web Design (CMC5004) Subscribe
CMC5005_S1 - Communication for Justice (CMC5005) Subscribe
CMC5006_S1 - Making News:Studio Broadcast (CMC5006) Subscribe
CMC5007_S2 - Persuasive Communication (CMC5007) Subscribe
CMC5008_S1 - Audiences, Users & Producers (CMC5008) Subscribe
CMC5010_S1 - Digital Media & Youth Identity (CMC5010) Subscribe
CMC5011_S2 - Culture, Gender & Sexuality (CMC5011) Subscribe
CMC6001_S2 - CitizenJournalism&Civic Engage (CMC6001) Subscribe
CMC6002_S1 - Culture Wars:Power & Exclusion (CMC6002) Subscribe
CMC6003_S1 - Branded Communication (CMC6003) Subscribe
CMC6007_S2 - The Politics of Visual Culture (CMC6007) Subscribe
CMC6009_S1 - Subject to Culture 1 (CMC6009) Subscribe
CMC6010_S2 - Subject to Culture 2 (CMC6010) Subscribe
CMC6011_S2 - Ethnicity and the Media (CMC6011) Subscribe
CMNR7001_S2 - Public Health Policy (CMNR7001) Subscribe
CMNR7003_S1 - Applied Research Methods (CMNR7003) Subscribe
CMNR7003_S2 - Applied Research Methods (CMNR7003) Subscribe
CMNR7005_S1 - Foundations in Public Health (CMNR7005) Subscribe
CMNR7006_S2 - Epidemiology (CMNR7006) Subscribe
CMNR7007_S2 - Advanced Health Promotion (CMNR7007) Subscribe
CMNR7009_S1 - Data Analysis & Interpretation (CMNR7009) Subscribe
COMP3001_S2 - Fdns of Computer Programming (COMP3001) Subscribe
COMP3002_S1 - Essential Maths for Uni Study (COMP3002) Subscribe
COMP3004_S1 - Study Skills & Prep for HE (COMP3004) Subscribe
COMP3006_S2 - Graphics & the Web (COMP3006) Subscribe
COMP4003_S2 - Information Systems (COMP4003) Subscribe
COMP4004_S1 - Problem Solving & Programming (COMP4004) Subscribe
COMP4005_S2 - Object Oriented Programming (COMP4005) Subscribe
COMP4006_S2 - Professional Programming Prac (COMP4006) Subscribe
COMP4007_S1 - Networking & Multimedia (COMP4007) Subscribe
COMP4007_S1R - Networking & Multimedia (COMP4007 - EX2) Subscribe
COMP4009_S1 - Fdns of Computer Systems (COMP4009) Subscribe
COMP4011_S1 - Introduction to Databases (COMP4011) Subscribe
COMP4017_S12 - Intro to Artificial Intel (COMP4017 - EX1) Subscribe
COMP4033_S1 - Basic Comms & PC Networking (COMP4033 - EX2) Subscribe
COMP4034_S2 - Introduction to Networks (COMP4034 - EX2) Subscribe
COMP4035_S12 - Computer Science Applications (COMP4035) Subscribe
COMP5001_S2 - Foundations of Computation (COMP5001) Subscribe
COMP5004_S1 - Software Dev with C & C++ (COMP5004) Subscribe
COMP5007_S2 - Business Intel Programming (COMP5007) Subscribe
COMP5008_S1 - The Human Computer Interface (COMP5008) Subscribe
COMP5008_S2 - The Human Computer Interface (COMP5008) Subscribe
COMP5011_S2 - Databases (COMP5011) Subscribe
COMP5012_S2 - Systems Programming (COMP5012) Subscribe
COMP5013_S1 - Web Application Development (COMP5013) Subscribe
COMP5013_S2 - Web Application Development (COMP5013) Subscribe
COMP5015_S12 - Work Experience Placement (COMP5015) Subscribe
COMP5017_S1 - Data Structures & Algorithms (COMP5017) Subscribe
COMP5017_S2 - Data Structures & Algorithms (COMP5017) Subscribe
COMP5020_S1 - Foundations of Security (COMP5020) Subscribe
COMP5022_S12 - Innovative Product Development (COMP5022) Subscribe
COMP5023_S2 - Adv Artificial Intelligence (COMP5023) Subscribe
COMP5041_S1 - Network Technologies (COMP5041) Subscribe
COMP5042_S2 - WAN Technologies (COMP5042) Subscribe
COMP5043_S1 - Switching and routing (COMP5043) Subscribe
COMP5044_S2 - LAN techniques (COMP5044) Subscribe
COMP5045_S1 - Introduction to AI (COMP5045) Subscribe
COMP5046_S2 - Enterprise Engineering (COMP5046) Subscribe
COMP5047_S1 - Applied Software Engineering (COMP5047) Subscribe
COMP6011_S1 - Machine Learning (COMP6011) Subscribe
COMP6013_S12 - Computing Project (COMP6013) Subscribe
COMP6014_S1 - Secure Programming (COMP6014) Subscribe
COMP6015_S2 - Secure Operating Systems (COMP6015) Subscribe
COMP6016_S1 - Malware Analysis (COMP6016) Subscribe
COMP6018_S2 - Adv ObjectOriented Programming (COMP6018) Subscribe
COMP6025_S2 - Machine Vision (COMP6025) Subscribe
COMP6026_S1 - Software Project Management (COMP6026) Subscribe
COMP6026_S2 - Software Project Management (COMP6026) Subscribe
COMP6030_S1 - Software Engineering (COMP6030) Subscribe
COMP6031_S2 - Cloud Computing & IoT (COMP6031) Subscribe
COMP6032_S1 - Artificial Intelligence (COMP6032) Subscribe
COMP6033_S1 - Applications and Ethics of AI (COMP6033) Subscribe
COMP6034_S2 - Advanced ML & Deep Learning (COMP6034) Subscribe
COMP6036_S2 - Network Security (COMP6036) Subscribe
COMP6037_S1 - Foundations of Data Analytics (COMP6037) Subscribe
COMP6037_S12 - Foundations of Data Analytics (COMP6037) Subscribe
COMP7001_S1 - Programming and Software Tools (COMP7001) Subscribe
COMP7002_S2 - Modern Computer Systems (COMP7002) Subscribe
COMP7015_S2 - AI Systems Engineering (COMP7015) Subscribe
COMP7016_S12 - Artificial General Intel (COMP7016) Subscribe
COMP7017_S12 - Advanced AI Project (COMP7017) Subscribe
COMP7018_S1 - Foundations of AI (COMP7018) Subscribe
COMP7023_S2 - Malware Analysis (COMP7023) Subscribe
COMP7024_S2 - OS Security & Development (COMP7024) Subscribe
COMP7025_S2 - Secure Programming (COMP7025) Subscribe
COMP7026_S1 - Secure Networking (COMP7026) Subscribe
COMP7029_S2 - Group Software Project (COMP7029) Subscribe
COMP7030_S1 - Principles of Cyber Security (COMP7030) Subscribe
COMP7031_S2 - Compiler Construction (COMP7031) Subscribe
COMP7032_S2 - Data Sci & Machine Learning (COMP7032) Subscribe
COMP7033_S2 - Big Data & the Cloud (COMP7033) Subscribe
COMP7034_S2 - Machine Learning & Data Mining (COMP7034) Subscribe
COMP7035_S1 - Principles of Data Science (COMP7035) Subscribe
COMP7036_S1 - Statistical modelling (COMP7036) Subscribe
COMP7037_S1 - Research Methods (COMP7037) Subscribe
COMP7038_S1 - Web Applications Development (COMP7038) Subscribe
COMP7040_S1 - Autonomous Intelligent Systems (COMP7040) Subscribe
COMP7041_S2 - Ethical Hacking (COMP7041) Subscribe
CONM4002_S1 - Foundation Construction Law (CONM4002) Subscribe
CONM4003_S1 - Construction Comm & IT 1 (CONM4003) Subscribe
CONM4004_S2 - Integrative Project I (CONM4004) Subscribe
CONM4005_S2 - Quantity Surveying Practice 1 (CONM4005) Subscribe
CONM4006_S1 - Intro to Construction Practice (CONM4006) Subscribe
CONM4007_S2 - Intro to Building Services (CONM4007) Subscribe
CONM4012_S1 - Building Des & Construction 1 (CONM4012) Subscribe
CONM4013_S2 - Building Des & Construction 2 (CONM4013) Subscribe
CONM5001_S1 - Construction Technology 1 (CONM5001) Subscribe
CONM5002_S2 - Construction Pract & Procedure (CONM5002) Subscribe
CONM5004_S2 - Construction Technology 2 (CONM5004) Subscribe
CONM5005_S1 - Construction Law & Procurement (CONM5005) Subscribe
CONM5006_S2 - Construction Comm & IT 2 (CONM5006) Subscribe
CONM5007_S2 - Integrative Project 2 (CONM5007) Subscribe
CONM5008_S1 - Quantity Surveying Practice 2 (CONM5008) Subscribe
CONM5009_S1 - Construction Project Mgmt (CONM5009) Subscribe
CONM5010_S2 - Facilities Management (CONM5010) Subscribe
CONM5015_S1 - Build Pathology & Inspection (CONM5015) Subscribe
CONM5016_S1 - Design & Administration (CONM5016) Subscribe
CONM6001_S1 - Innovation in Mgmt & Tech (CONM6001) Subscribe
CONM6002_S1 - Project Management (CONM6002) Subscribe
CONM6003_S1 - Project Financial Control (CONM6003) Subscribe
CONM6004_S2 - Adv Procurement & Dispute Res (CONM6004) Subscribe
CONM6006_S12 - Enterprise Management (CONM6006) Subscribe
CONM6007_S12 - Project Appraisal & Comm Mgmt (CONM6007) Subscribe
CONM6008_S12 - Commercial Mgmt Dissertation (CONM6008) Subscribe
CONM6009_S12 - Construction Mgmt Dissertation (CONM6009) Subscribe
CONM6010_S2 - Facilities & Maintenance Mgmnt (CONM6010) Subscribe
CONM6011_S1 - Building Surveying Law (CONM6011) Subscribe
CONM6012_S1 - Adv Building Surveying Prac (CONM6012) Subscribe
CONM6013_S2 - Conservation & Restoration (CONM6013) Subscribe
CONM6014_S1 - Quantity Surveying Studies (CONM6014) Subscribe
CONM6015_S1 - Project Management Studies (CONM6015) Subscribe
CONM6016_S1 - Build Pathology & Inspect Stud (CONM6016) Subscribe
CONM6017_S12 - Building Surveying Diss (CONM6017) Subscribe
CPD6001_S13 - SACT Admin & Patient Care (CPD6001) Subscribe
CPD7001_S1 - Advancing Prof Practice (CPD7001) Subscribe
CPD7001_S2 - Advancing Prof Practice (CPD7001) Subscribe
CPD7002_S1 - Adv History Taking & Assess (CPD7002) Subscribe
CPD7002_S2 - Adv History Taking & Assess (CPD7002) Subscribe
CPD7002_S3 - Adv History Taking & Assess (CPD7002) Subscribe
CPD7003_S1 - Diagnostic Reasoning in Prac (CPD7003) Subscribe
CPD7003_S3 - Diagnostic Reasoning in Prac (CPD7003) Subscribe
CPD7004_S1 - Applied Research Methods (CPD7004) Subscribe
CPD7006_S1 - Adv Clinical Practitioner EPA (CPD7006) Subscribe
CPD7007_S1 - Adv Clinical Decision Making (CPD7007) Subscribe
CPD7008_S12 - Nurse or Midw Ind/Supp Presc (CPD7008) Subscribe
CPD7009_S12 - Ind & Sup Prescribing for AHPs (CPD7009) Subscribe
CPD7010_S2 - Simulation Based Education TDF (CPD7010) Subscribe
CPD7011_S1 - Enhan Patient Assess & Mgmt (CPD7011) Subscribe
CPD7012_S2 - Cardiac & Respiratory Care (CPD7012) Subscribe
CPD7013_S2 - Care of Older Person w/Frailty (CPD7013) Subscribe
CPD7014_S1 - Adult Emergency Care (CPD7014) Subscribe
CPD7015_S2 - Childrens Emergency Care (CPD7015) Subscribe
CPD7016_S3 - Governance in Emergency Care (CPD7016) Subscribe
CPD7017_S13 - SACT Admin & Patient Care (CPD7017) Subscribe
CPD7021_S12 - Principles, crit ill adult (CPD7021) Subscribe
CPD7022_S23 - Applied Care, crit ill adult (CPD7022) Subscribe
CPD7041_S3 - Assess & Manage Minor Injury (CPD7041) Subscribe
CPD7042_S2 - Assess & Manage Minor Illness (CPD7042) Subscribe
CPDNEW_S1 - Foundations of Community Nursing Specialist Practice District Nursing 1 Subscribe
CPDNEW_S2 - Foundations of Community Nursing Specialist Practice District Nursing 2 Subscribe
CPDNEW_S3 - Foundations of Community Nursing Specialist Practice District Nursing 3 Subscribe
CREA7001_S1 - Research Skills and Methods (CREA7001) Subscribe
CREA7002_S12 - Professional Experience (CREA7002) Subscribe
CREA7004_S1 - Modes of film production (CREA7004) Subscribe
CREA7006_S1 - Sites of Music Production (CREA7006) Subscribe
CREA7007_S2 - Modes of Music Consumption (CREA7007) Subscribe
CREA7008_S2 - Digital Transformation (CREA7008) Subscribe
CRIM4001_S1 - Crime & Criminology in Context (CRIM4001) Subscribe
CRIM4002_S2 - Criminal Justice in Action (CRIM4002) Subscribe
CRIM4004_S2 - Media and Crime (CRIM4004) Subscribe
CRIM4005_S2 - Theories of Crime (CRIM4005) Subscribe
CRIM4006_S1 - Understanding Crime & Society (CRIM4006) Subscribe
CRIM4007_S1 - Criminology Skills (CRIM4007) Subscribe
CRIM4008_S2 - Creating Criminology 2 (CRIM4008) Subscribe
CRIM4009_S1 - Creating Criminology 1 (CRIM4009) Subscribe
CRIM5001_S1 - Researching Crime (CRIM5001) Subscribe
CRIM5001_S2 - Researching Crime (CRIM5001) Subscribe
CRIM5004_S2 - Crime & Intersectionality (CRIM5004) Subscribe
CRIM5005_S1 - Globalisation & Crime (CRIM5005) Subscribe
CRIM5005_S2 - Globalisation & Crime (CRIM5005) Subscribe
CRIM5006_S1 - Public Criminology (CRIM5006) Subscribe
CRIM5007_S2 - Criminology Work-Based Learn (CRIM5007) Subscribe
CRIM5008_S2 - Digital Crime and Criminology (CRIM5008) Subscribe
CRIM5009_S1 - Green Criminology (CRIM5009) Subscribe
CRIM5009_S2 - Green Criminology (CRIM5009) Subscribe
CRIM5010_S2 - Independent Study: Criminology (CRIM5010) Subscribe
CRIM5011_S1 - Crimes of the State (CRIM5011) Subscribe
CRIM5012_S2 - Organised Crime (CRIM5012) Subscribe
CRIM6001_S1 - Carnival & Pleasures of Crime (CRIM6001) Subscribe
CRIM6002_S1 - Policing, Security and Society (CRIM6002) Subscribe
CRIM6004_S2 - Dealing with Drugs (CRIM6004) Subscribe
CRIM6005_S2 - Criminology Independent Study (CRIM6005) Subscribe
CRIM6006_S12 - Interdisciplinary Dissertation (CRIM6006) Subscribe
CRIM6007_S12 - Criminology Dissertation (CRIM6007) Subscribe
CRIM6008_S2 - Border Criminology (CRIM6008) Subscribe
CRIM6009_S1 - Picturing the Criminal (CRIM6009) Subscribe
CRIM6010_S2 - The Prison and Imprisonment (CRIM6010) Subscribe
CRIM6011_S12 - Dissertation in Crim & Law (CRIM6011) Subscribe
CRIM6012_S1 - Sex that Offends (CRIM6012) Subscribe
CRIM6013_S2 - Sports Criminology (CRIM6013) Subscribe
CRIM7002_S1 - Adv Research in Criminology (CRIM7002) Subscribe
CRIM7003_S1 - Contemp. Criminological Theory (CRIM7003) Subscribe
CRIM7004_S2 - Crime and Crimi in Digital Age (CRIM7004) Subscribe
CRIM7005_S1 - Crim Just Policy and Pract 21C (CRIM7005) Subscribe
CRIM7007_S2 - Critical Criminol and Social J (CRIM7007) Subscribe
CRIM7008_S23 - Dissertation (CRIM7008) Subscribe
CRIM7009_S2 - Decolonial Criminology (CRIM7009) Subscribe
CWRI7001_S1 - The Writing Studio (CWRI7001) Subscribe
CWRI7002_S1 - Writing Poetry Now (CWRI7002) Subscribe
CWRI7003_S1 - Bringing a Story to Life (CWRI7003) Subscribe
CWRI7004_S23 - The Writing Project (CWRI7004) Subscribe
CWRI7005_S2 - Writing the Lives of Others (CWRI7005) Subscribe
CWRI7006_S2 - Writing Voice (CWRI7006) Subscribe
DALT7002_S1 - Data Science Foundations (DALT7002) Subscribe
DALT7003_S2 - Survey Fundamentals (DALT7003) Subscribe
DALT7006_S1 - Regression Modelling (DALT7006) Subscribe
DALT7009_S2 - Advanced Statistical Modelling (DALT7009) Subscribe
DALT7010_S2 - Time Series Analysis (DALT7010) Subscribe
DALT7011_S2 - Intro to Machine Learning (DALT7011) Subscribe
DALT7013_S2 - Intro to Distributed Systems (DALT7013) Subscribe
DALT7014_S2 - Data Mining (DALT7014) Subscribe
DALT7016_S1 - Data Visualisation (DALT7016) Subscribe
DALT7016_S2 - Data Visualisation (DALT7016) Subscribe
DEVC7002_S1 - Shelter After Disaster (DEVC7002) Subscribe
DEVP7002_S1 - Responding to Conflict (DEVP7002) Subscribe
DEVP7004_S2 - The Refugee Experience (DEVP7004) Subscribe
DEVP7005_S1 - Crit Inquiry Dev & Emergencies (DEVP7005) Subscribe
DEVP7006_S2 - Disaster,Risk,Vuln,Clim Change (DEVP7006) Subscribe
DEVP7007_S1 - International Human Rights (DEVP7007) Subscribe
DEVP7008_S2 - Humanitarian Action: 21st Cent (DEVP7008) Subscribe
DEVP7009_S2 - Programming & Partnerships (DEVP7009) Subscribe
DEVP7019_S1 - Regeneration Methods and Prac (DEVP7019) Subscribe
DEVP7022_S2 - MA Dissertation (DEVP7022) Subscribe
DEVP7022_S3 - MA Dissertation (DEVP7022) Subscribe
DEVP7026_S2 - Design in DEP (DEVP7026) Subscribe
DEVP7031_S2 - Humanitarianism, Human Rights (DEVP7031) Subscribe
DEVP7032_S2 - Human Rights: Int Protection (DEVP7032) Subscribe
DEVP7033_S2 - Conflict & Human Response (DEVP7033) Subscribe
DEVP7034_S1 - Homes after Disaster (DEVP7034) Subscribe
DEVP7035_S1 - Critical Inquiry Theory & Prac (DEVP7035) Subscribe
DIET7001_S1 - Dietetics Prof Practice (DIET7001) Subscribe
DIET7002_S2 - Human Physiology and Disease (DIET7002) Subscribe
DIET7003_S2 - Applied & Public Health Nutri (DIET7003) Subscribe
DIET7004_S13 - Practice Placement A (DIET7004) Subscribe
DIET7008_S23 - Research Project (DIET7008) Subscribe
DIGP4015_S1 - Technical Skills (DIGP4015) Subscribe
DIGP4016_S1 - Media Narratives 1 (DIGP4016) Subscribe
DIGP4017_S1 - Capturing the Real (DIGP4017) Subscribe
DIGP4018_S2 - Digital Post Production (DIGP4018) Subscribe
DIGP4019_S2 - Media Narratives 2 (DIGP4019) Subscribe
DIGP4020_S2 - Digital Shorts (DIGP4020) Subscribe
DIGP5016_S1 - Filming the Fantastic (DIGP5016) Subscribe
DIGP5017_S1 - Professional Studies (DIGP5017) Subscribe
DIGP5018_S1 - Drama Production (DIGP5018) Subscribe
DIGP5019_S2 - Development Studio-Production (DIGP5019) Subscribe
DIGP5020_S2 - Real World Production (DIGP5020) Subscribe
DIGP5021_S2 - Development Studio - Tech (DIGP5021) Subscribe
DIGP5025_S2 - Live Broadcasting (DIGP5025) Subscribe
DIGP6018_S1 - Prep for Final Prod Portfolio (DIGP6018) Subscribe
DIGP6019_S2 - Critical Study (DIGP6019) Subscribe
DIGP6020_S1 - Creative Media Enterprise (DIGP6020) Subscribe
DIGP6021_S2 - Final Production Portfolio (DIGP6021) Subscribe
DIGP6023_S1 - Development Studio: Technical (DIGP6023) Subscribe
DIGP6024_S1 - Creative Media Enterprise (DIGP6024) Subscribe
DIGP6025_S1 - Advanced Production Skills (DIGP6025) Subscribe
DIGP6026_S2 - Immersive Practice (DIGP6026) Subscribe
DIGP6027_S2 - Virtual Worlds (DIGP6027) Subscribe
DIGP6028_S1 - Preparation for Final Product (DIGP6028) Subscribe
DIGP7003_S12 - Video Production (DIGP7003) Subscribe
DIGP7004_S2 - Newsroom Operation (DIGP7004) Subscribe
DIGP7005_S1 - Interactive Media (DIGP7005) Subscribe
DIGP7006_S2 - Professional Media Production (DIGP7006) Subscribe
DIGP7009_S12 - Modelling & Animation Techniq (DIGP7009) Subscribe
DIGP7010_S13 - Research and Dissertation (DIGP7010) Subscribe
DNUR7001_S12 - Researcher Dev Framework (DNUR7001) Subscribe
DNUR7002_S1 - Concepts in Nursing Practice 1 (DNUR7002) Subscribe
DNUR7003_S3 - Expl Nursing & Midwifery Rsrch (DNUR7003) Subscribe
DNUR7004_S2 - Concepts in Nursing 2 (DNUR7004) Subscribe
DNUR7005_S1 - Systematic Review (DNUR7005) Subscribe
DNUR8001_S23 - Research Methodologies (DNUR8001) Subscribe
DNUR8002_S1 - Res Proposal & Ethic Approval (DNUR8002) Subscribe
DRAM4001_S1 - Acting Toolkit (DRAM4001) Subscribe
DRAM4001_S2 - Acting Toolkit (DRAM4001) Subscribe
DRAM4002_S1 - Page to Stage (DRAM4002) Subscribe
DRAM4003_S2 - Intro to Technical Theatre (DRAM4003) Subscribe
DRAM4004_S2 - Physical Theatre (DRAM4004) Subscribe
DRAM4005_S1 - Theatre Styles and Contexts (DRAM4005) Subscribe
DRAM4005_S2 - Theatre Styles and Contexts (DRAM4005) Subscribe
DRAM5002_S2 - Renaissance Tragedy & Comedy (DRAM5002) Subscribe
DRAM5005_S1 - Mod Brit Theatre Performance (DRAM5005) Subscribe
DRAM5006_S1 - British Theatre:1950-Present (DRAM5006) Subscribe
DRAM5008_S1 - Technical Theatre Project (DRAM5008) Subscribe
DRAM5009_S1 - Perspectives on Directing (DRAM5009) Subscribe
DRAM5009_S2 - Perspectives on Directing (DRAM5009) Subscribe
DRAM5010_S2 - Devising theatre (DRAM5010) Subscribe
DRAM5011_S2 - Professional Skills Placement (DRAM5011) Subscribe
DRAM6003_S12 - Advanced Performance Project (DRAM6003) Subscribe
DRAM6007_S1 - Research in Action 1 (DRAM6007) Subscribe
DRAM6009_S2 - Research in Action 2 (DRAM6009) Subscribe
ECON4001_S1 - Macroeconomics 1 (ECON4001) Subscribe
ECON4002_S2 - Microeconomics 1 (ECON4002) Subscribe
ECON4004_S2 - Maths for Economics & Finance (ECON4004) Subscribe
ECON4005_S1 - Economics & Society in Context (ECON4005) Subscribe
ECON4007_S2 - Exploring Economics (ECON4007) Subscribe
ECON4009_S1 - Statistics: Econ, Fin & Bus (ECON4009) Subscribe
ECON4011_S2 - Economics and Sustainability (ECON4011) Subscribe
ECON5001_S2 - International Finance (ECON5001) Subscribe
ECON5002_S1 - Fin Markets & Institutions (ECON5002) Subscribe
ECON5003_S1 - International Labour Markets (ECON5003) Subscribe
ECON5005_S2 - Applied Econometrics (ECON5005) Subscribe
ECON5006_S1 - Macroeconomics 2 (ECON5006) Subscribe
ECON5007_S2 - Microeconomics 2 (ECON5007) Subscribe
ECON5009_S2 - International Trade (ECON5009) Subscribe
ECON5010_S2 - History of Economic Thought (ECON5010) Subscribe
ECON5015_S1 - Exploring & Enhancing Employ. (ECON5015) Subscribe
ECON5018_S1 - Econ: Enterprise & Innovation (ECON5018) Subscribe
ECON6001_S1 - Contemp Issues in Economics (ECON6001) Subscribe
ECON6002_S2 - Adv. Applied Econometrics (ECON6002) Subscribe
ECON6003_S1 - Environmental Economics (ECON6003) Subscribe
ECON6004_S1 - Finance & Development (ECON6004) Subscribe
ECON6006_S1 - Economic Growth (ECON6006) Subscribe
ECON6010_S1 - Contemporary Issues in Finance (ECON6010) Subscribe
ECON6010_S2 - Contemporary Issues in Finance (ECON6010) Subscribe
ECON6011_S2 - Advanced Financial Management (ECON6011) Subscribe
ECON6012_S2 - Economic Policy (ECON6012) Subscribe
ECON6015_S12 - Econ, Pol & IR Dissertation (ECON6015) Subscribe
ECON6015_S21 - Econ, Pol & IR Dissertation (ECON6015) Subscribe
ECON6019_S2 - Perspectives:Global Challenges (ECON6019) Subscribe
ECON6020_S1 - Behavioural Economics (ECON6020) Subscribe
ECS4007_S12 - Placement 1:Work with Children (ECS4007) Subscribe
ECS4008_S2 - Growing up in the 21st Century (ECS4008) Subscribe
ECS4010_S2 - Young Children Outdoor Learn (ECS4010) Subscribe
ECS4011_S1 - Nurturing Inclusivity (ECS4011) Subscribe
ECS4012_S2 - Pedagogies to Promote Play (ECS4012) Subscribe
ECS5001_S1 - Children?s Literature (ECS5001) Subscribe
ECS5001_S2 - Literature for Young Children (ECS5001) Subscribe
ECS5006_S1 - Supporting Wellbeing (ECS5006) Subscribe
ECS5006_S2 - Young Children Hlth&Wellbeing (ECS5006) Subscribe
ECS5008_S1 - Research in the Early Years (ECS5008) Subscribe
ECS5009_S12 - Becoming a Researcher (ECS5009) Subscribe
ECS5009_S2 - Preparing for the Dissertation (ECS5009) Subscribe
ECS5010_S12 - Placement 2: Developing P&P (ECS5010) Subscribe
ECS5011_S12 - Child Development (ECS5011) Subscribe
ECS5012_S1 - Children in the Digital World (ECS5012) Subscribe
ECS5014_S2 - Unequal Childhoods (ECS5014) Subscribe
ECS5015_S1 - Cont Issues in Early Childhood (ECS5015) Subscribe
ECS6003_S12 - Reflective Practice (ECS6003) Subscribe
ECS6004_S1 - IntlComparison:Early Childhood (ECS6004) Subscribe
ECS6005_S12 - Becoming a Reader (ECS6005) Subscribe
ECS6006_S1 - Child Dev 2:Research Child Dev (ECS6006) Subscribe
ECS6008_S2 - Professional Roles:Early Years (ECS6008) Subscribe
ECS6010_S12 - Dissertation (ECS6010) Subscribe
ECS6011_S1 - The Principled Professional (ECS6011) Subscribe
ECS6012_S2 - Unequal Childhoods (ECS6012) Subscribe
ECS6018_S1 - Dissertation Preparation (ECS6018) Subscribe
ECS6019_S1 - Technology & Young Children (ECS6019) Subscribe
ECS6019_S2 - Technology & Young Children (ECS6019) Subscribe
ECS6020_S2 - Reflective Practice (Top) (ECS6020) Subscribe
ECS7001_S2 - Childhood In Context (ECS7001) Subscribe
ECS7002_S1 - Learning & Develop: Childhood (ECS7002) Subscribe
ECS7003_S2 - Childrens Imaginative Worlds (ECS7003) Subscribe
ECS7004_S3 - Work w/ Children,YoungPpl&Fams (ECS7004) Subscribe
EDST4002_S2 - Education in a World of Change (EDST4002) Subscribe
EDST4003_S12 - Intro to Studying in Education (EDST4003) Subscribe
EDST4004_S12 - Child & Adolescent Development (EDST4004) Subscribe
EDST4004_S2 - Intro Child & Adolescent Dev (EDST4004) Subscribe
EDST4005_S2 - Education, Childhood and Youth (EDST4005) Subscribe
EDST4007_S2 - Placement 1:Understanding Educ (EDST4007) Subscribe
EDST4008_S2 - Pedagogies to Promote STEAM (EDST4008) Subscribe
EDST4009_S1 - History of Education (EDST4009) Subscribe
EDST5001_S2 - Soc World: Childhood & Youth (EDST5001) Subscribe
EDST5002_S1 - Psychology of Education (EDST5002) Subscribe
EDST5004_S2 - Educational Inequalities (EDST5004) Subscribe
EDST5005_S2 - Research Methods (EDST5005) Subscribe
EDST5006_S1 - Inclusion: SEN & Disabilities (EDST5006) Subscribe
EDST5006_S2 - Children with Diverse Needs (EDST5006) Subscribe
EDST5008_S1 - Core Texts in Education (EDST5008) Subscribe
EDST5009_S2 - Cultural & Arts-Based Learning (EDST5009) Subscribe
EDST5010_S2 - Emotional Dev & Attachment (EDST5010) Subscribe
EDST5011_S2 - Media, Technology & Education (EDST5011) Subscribe
EDST5013_S1 - Gender & 21st Cent Education (EDST5013) Subscribe
EDST5014_S1 - Alt Educational Provisions (EDST5014) Subscribe
EDST5015_S12 - IS:Work&CommunityRelated Learn (EDST5015) Subscribe
EDST5015_S2 - Placement 2:Contextualising Ed (EDST5015) Subscribe
EDST5016_S1 - Children?s Outdoor Learning (EDST5016) Subscribe
EDST5016_S2 - Outdoor Learning (EDST5016) Subscribe
EDST5018_S1 - Creative and Therap Approach (EDST5018) Subscribe
EDST5019_S1 - Cont Issues in Education Stud (EDST5019) Subscribe
EDST6002_S2 - Philosophy of Education (EDST6002) Subscribe
EDST6003_S1 - Education in Intl Development (EDST6003) Subscribe
EDST6004_S1 - Technology & Learning (EDST6004) Subscribe
EDST6005_S2 - Inclusion:Diverse Perspectives (EDST6005) Subscribe
EDST6006_S12 - Controversial&Contemp Research (EDST6006) Subscribe
EDST6007_S2 - Youth, Deviance & Discipline (EDST6007) Subscribe
EDST6008_S2 - Educational Placement (EDST6008) Subscribe
EDST6010_S12 - Dissertation (EDST6010) Subscribe
EDUC7001_S1 - Research Methods (EDUC7001) Subscribe
EDUC7001_S3 - Research Methods (EDUC7001) Subscribe
EDUC7003_S1 - Developing MA Literacies (EDUC7003) Subscribe
EDUC7005_S1 - Diversity & Achievement (EDUC7005) Subscribe
EDUC7006_S1 - Mind & Brain (EDUC7006) Subscribe
EDUC7008_S12 - Investigating Prof Practice (EDUC7008) Subscribe
EDUC7008_S23 - Investigating Prof Practice (EDUC7008) Subscribe
EDUC7011_S2 - Descriptions of English (EDUC7011) Subscribe
EDUC7012_S1 - Language Acquisition & Develop (EDUC7012) Subscribe
EDUC7013_S1 - ELT Changing Methodologies (EDUC7013) Subscribe
EDUC7014_S2 - English for Specific Purposes (EDUC7014) Subscribe
EDUC7016_S2 - The Inclusive Curriculum (EDUC7016) Subscribe
EDUC7020_S2 - Multilingual Learners (EDUC7020) Subscribe
EDUC7021_S3 - Mentoring in Education (EDUC7021) Subscribe
EDUC7022_S1 - Lead & Managing People in Edn (EDUC7022) Subscribe
EDUC7023_S2 - Leading Change in Education (EDUC7023) Subscribe
EDUC7031_S1 - Literacy Diff: Theory & Pract (EDUC7031) Subscribe
EDUC7032_S2 - Perspectives:Challenging Behav (EDUC7032) Subscribe
EDUC7033_S1 - Interpret Artist Teacher Pedag (EDUC7033) Subscribe
EDUC7034_S23 - Dev Personal Artistic Practice (EDUC7034) Subscribe
EDUC7035_S3 - Manage: Dyslexic Friendly Prac (EDUC7035) Subscribe
EDUC7036_S2 - Lit Difficulties: Assessment (EDUC7036) Subscribe
EDUC7037_S2 - Outcomes for Learners SEND (EDUC7037) Subscribe
EDUC7038_S3 - Lead & Coord Prov for SEND (EDUC7038) Subscribe
EDUC7039_S1 - Prof Know & Under of SEND (EDUC7039) Subscribe
EDUC7040_S2 - Childrens Lit Through the Ages (EDUC7040) Subscribe
EDUC7041_S1 - Reading for Pleasure (EDUC7041) Subscribe
EDUC7063_S1 - Introduction to SEND (EDUC7063) Subscribe
EDUC7067_S12 - Educational Theory (EDUC7067) Subscribe
EDUC7067_S13 - Theoretical Foundations (EDUC7067) Subscribe
EDUC7068_S12 - Exp Paradigms &Research Methds (EDUC7068) Subscribe
EDUC7069_S12 - Writing for Academic Practice (EDUC7069) Subscribe
EDUC7073_S12 - Specialist T&A: AMBDA (EDUC7073) Subscribe
EDUC8002_S12 - Preparing Research Proposal (EDUC8002) Subscribe
EIAM7001_S1 - Effective & Proportionate EIA (EIAM7001) Subscribe
EIAM7002_S1 - Collab Work & Knowl CoCreation (EIAM7002) Subscribe
EIAM7003_S2 - Environment & Social Risk Mgmt (EIAM7003) Subscribe
EIAM7004_S2 - Digital Transformation (EIAM7004) Subscribe
EIAM7005_S1 - Effective & Proportionate EIA (EIAM7005) Subscribe
EIAM7006_S2 - GIS & Spatial Analysis (EIAM7006) Subscribe
ENGL4001_S1 - Reading for Meaning (ENGL4001) Subscribe
ENGL4002_S2 - The Culture of Criticism (ENGL4002) Subscribe
ENGL4003_S1 - Shakespeare Now (ENGL4003) Subscribe
ENGL4005_S2 - Creative Writing 1 (ENGL4005) Subscribe
ENGL4006_S2 - Theory, Writing and Power (ENGL4006) Subscribe
ENGL4007_S2 - Approaches to Performance (ENGL4007) Subscribe
ENGL4014_S1 - Literature of Oxford (ENGL4014) Subscribe
ENGL4015_S1 - Literature of Travel (ENGL4015) Subscribe
ENGL4016_S2 - Diverse Americas: American Lit (ENGL4016) Subscribe
ENGL5005_S1 - Special Topics: Periods (ENGL5005) Subscribe
ENGL5006_S2 - Special Topics: Stylistics (ENGL5006) Subscribe
ENGL5007_S1 - Special Topics: Genres (ENGL5007) Subscribe
ENGL5008_S2 - Special Topics: Themes (ENGL5008) Subscribe
ENGL5009_S1 - Creative Writing 2 (ENGL5009) Subscribe
ENGL5010_S2 - Professional Practice (ENGL5010) Subscribe
ENGL5018_S1 - Literature, Self and Society (ENGL5018) Subscribe
ENGL5019_S2 - Literature in Time and Space (ENGL5019) Subscribe
ENGL5021_S2 - Global Literature & Climate Em (ENGL5021) Subscribe
ENGL5022_S1 - Literature and Environments (ENGL5022) Subscribe
ENGL5023_S2 - Transgressive Texts (ENGL5023) Subscribe
ENGL5024_S1 - Inventing the Future (ENGL5024) Subscribe
ENGL5025_S1 - Angels & Demons (ENGL5025) Subscribe
ENGL5027_S2 - Research Methods in Literature (ENGL5027) Subscribe
ENGL5028_S2 - American Literature: Origins (ENGL5028) Subscribe
ENGL5029_S2 - Fairy Tales and Children?s Lit (ENGL5029) Subscribe
ENGL6001_S1 - Creative Writing 3 (ENGL6001) Subscribe
ENGL6002_S1 - Advanced Options 1 (ENGL6002) Subscribe
ENGL6003_S2 - Advanced Options 2 (ENGL6003) Subscribe
ENGL6005_S2 - Contemp Literature (ENGL6005) Subscribe
ENGL6009_S12 - English Studies Dissertation (ENGL6009) Subscribe
ENGL7001_S1 - Critical Debates & Methods (ENGL7001) Subscribe
ENGL7003_S2 - Romanticisms (ENGL7003) Subscribe
ENGL7017_S12 - Dissertation (ENGL7017) Subscribe
ENGL7017_S23 - Dissertation (ENGL7017) Subscribe
ENGL7018_S2 - Urban Jungle (ENGL7018) Subscribe
ENGL7019_S2 - Romantic Nature Writing (ENGL7019) Subscribe
ENGL7020_S1 - Madness,Psychoanalysis&Writing (ENGL7020) Subscribe
ENGL7022_S1 - Queer Cities (ENGL7022) Subscribe
ENGL7023_S2 - Fallen Victorians (ENGL7023) Subscribe
ENGL7028_S1 - Shakespeare and the Emotions (ENGL7028) Subscribe
ENGR3001_S12 - Fundamentals&Applications Tech (ENGR3001) Subscribe
ENGR3002_S2 - Basic Mech Eng Principles (ENGR3002) Subscribe
ENGR3003_S2 - Basic Elect Eng Principles (ENGR3003) Subscribe
ENGR3004_S1 - Engineering Applications (ENGR3004) Subscribe
ENGR3005_S12 - Foundation Mathematics (ENGR3005) Subscribe
ENGR4001_S12 - Engineering Maths&Modelling I (ENGR4001) Subscribe
ENGR4002_S2 - Introduction to Thermo Fluids (ENGR4002) Subscribe
ENGR4003_S12 - Eng Design & Practice I (ENGR4003) Subscribe
ENGR4005_S12 - IEng Mathematics & Modelling (ENGR4005) Subscribe
ENGR4007_S2 - Basic Thermodynamics (ENGR4007) Subscribe
ENGR4008_S2 - Intro to Mat & Stress Analysis (ENGR4008) Subscribe
ENGR4009_S1 - Intro to Statics & Dynamics (ENGR4009) Subscribe
ENGR4010_S2 - Basic Stress Analysis & Maters (ENGR4010) Subscribe
ENGR4011_S1 - Basic Dynamics (ENGR4011) Subscribe
ENGR4017_S2 - Sensors, Actuators, Program (ENGR4017) Subscribe
ENGR4035_S1 - Basic Electrical Engineering (ENGR4035) Subscribe
ENGR5001_S2 - Thermo-Fluids (ENGR5001) Subscribe
ENGR5002_S12 - Design & Practice II (ENGR5002) Subscribe
ENGR5003_S2 - Materials Engineering (ENGR5003) Subscribe
ENGR5005_S1 - Engineering Maths&Modelling II (ENGR5005) Subscribe
ENGR5006_S1 - Thermal Systems (ENGR5006) Subscribe
ENGR5006_S2 - Thermal Systems (ENGR5006) Subscribe
ENGR5014_S2 - Electrical Machines & Drives (ENGR5014) Subscribe
ENGR5015_S1 - Electrical Power Systems (ENGR5015) Subscribe
ENGR5015_S2 - Electrical Power Systems (ENGR5015) Subscribe
ENGR5051_S1 - Control Technology (ENGR5051) Subscribe
ENGR5052_S1 - Electronic Systems (ENGR5052) Subscribe
ENGR5053_S13 - Professional Placement (ENGR5053) Subscribe
ENGR5054_S2 - Engineering Dynamics (ENGR5054) Subscribe
ENGR5055_S1 - Stress Analysis (ENGR5055) Subscribe
ENGR5056_S1 - Electronics and Control Eng I (ENGR5056) Subscribe
ENGR6001_S12 - Mngmt, Reliab, Enrgy & Sus (ENGR6001) Subscribe
ENGR6002_S1 - Advanced CAD/CAM (ENGR6002) Subscribe
ENGR6003_S2 - Advanced Dynamics & NVH (ENGR6003) Subscribe
ENGR6004_S2 - Vehicle Crash Design (ENGR6004) Subscribe
ENGR6005_S2 - Design of Machines (ENGR6005) Subscribe
ENGR6006_S1 - Advanced Stress Analysis (ENGR6006) Subscribe
ENGR6008_S2 - Vehicle Aerodynamics (ENGR6008) Subscribe
ENGR6009_S1 - Powertrain Engineering (ENGR6009) Subscribe
ENGR6010_S1 - Vehicle Dynamics (ENGR6010) Subscribe
ENGR6012_S1 - Motorsport Engine Technology (ENGR6012) Subscribe
ENGR6013_S12 - Engineering Project (ENGR6013) Subscribe
ENGR6014_S2 - Motorsport Vehicle Performance (ENGR6014) Subscribe
ENGR6015_S2 - Advanced Digital Electronics (ENGR6015) Subscribe
ENGR6016_S1 - Advanced Analogue Electronics (ENGR6016) Subscribe
ENGR6024_S2 - Advanced Control (ENGR6024) Subscribe
ENGR6026_S1 - Sensors & Data Logging (ENGR6026) Subscribe
ENGR6030_S2 - Advanced Electronic Systems (ENGR6030) Subscribe
ENGR7003_S1 - Noise, Vibration & Harshness (ENGR7003) Subscribe
ENGR7004_S2 - Comp Design & Impact Modelling (ENGR7004) Subscribe
ENGR7005_S2 - Adv Powertrain Engineering (ENGR7005) Subscribe
ENGR7006_S1 - Advanced Vehicle Aerodynamics (ENGR7006) Subscribe
ENGR7008_S2 - Laptime Simulation & Race Eng (ENGR7008) Subscribe
ENGR7009_S1 - Engineering Business Mgmt (ENGR7009) Subscribe
ENGR7010_S2 - Eng Reliability & Risk Mgmt (ENGR7010) Subscribe
ENGR7011_S12 - Group Design Project (ENGR7011) Subscribe
ENGR7012_S2 - Adv Strength of Components (ENGR7012) Subscribe
ENGR7013_S1 - Adv Mechanical Eng Design (ENGR7013) Subscribe
ENGR7015_S1 - Advanced Vehicle Dynamics (ENGR7015) Subscribe
ENGR7016_S12 - Racing Engine Systems (ENGR7016) Subscribe
ENGR7019_S12 - MSc Dissertation (ENGR7019) Subscribe
ENGR7019_S13 - MSc Dissertation (ENGR7019) Subscribe
ENGR7019_S23 - MSc Dissertation (ENGR7019) Subscribe
ENGR7023_S2 - Real-time Embedded Systems (ENGR7023) Subscribe
ENGR7025_S2 - Electric Vehicles (ENGR7025) Subscribe
ENGR7029_S1 - Racing Engine Systems -Thermal (ENGR7029) Subscribe
ENGR7030_S2 - Racing Engine Systems -Systems (ENGR7030) Subscribe
ENGR7031_S1 - Electric Powertrain Systems (ENGR7031) Subscribe
EQSC4001_S1 - Intl Thoroughbred Industry (EQSC4001) Subscribe
EQSC4002_S12 - Equine Anatomy & Physiology (EQSC4002) Subscribe
EQSC4006_S2 - Equine Business (EQSC4006) Subscribe
EQSC4007_S2 - Equine Behaviour & Cognition (EQSC4007) Subscribe
EQSC4008_S1 - Applied Equine Health (EQSC4008) Subscribe
EQSC4009_S12 - Academic and Prof Skills (EQSC4009) Subscribe
EQSC5002_S2 - Equest Event & Racecourse Mgmt (EQSC5002) Subscribe
EQSC5004_S1 - Equine Medicine & Vet Tech (EQSC5004) Subscribe
EQSC5005_S2 - Equine Genetics (EQSC5005) Subscribe
EQSC5006_S12 - Equine Nutrition (EQSC5006) Subscribe
EQSC5007_S1 - Equine Physiology (EQSC5007) Subscribe
EQSC5010_S2 - Research Methods (EQSC5010) Subscribe
EQSC5011_S1 - Equestrian Land & Res Mgmnt 1 (EQSC5011) Subscribe
EQSC5012_S2 - Equitation Science (EQSC5012) Subscribe
EQSC5013_S12 - Thoroughbred Breed & Stud Prac (EQSC5013) Subscribe
EQSC6003_S1 - Ethics Racing & Sports Horses (EQSC6003) Subscribe
EQSC6004_S1 - Contemp issues Equine Sport (EQSC6004) Subscribe
EQSC6005_S12 - Applied Equine Rehabilitation (EQSC6005) Subscribe
EQSC6006_S2 - International Stud Management (EQSC6006) Subscribe
EQSC6009_S12 - Final Project (EQSC6009) Subscribe
EQSC6011_S1 - Equestrian Land & Res Mgmnt 2 (EQSC6011) Subscribe
EQSC6012_S2 - Epidemiology (EQSC6012) Subscribe
EQSC6013_S2 - Behavioural Sci & Psychology (EQSC6013) Subscribe
EQSC6014_S2 - Scientific Project (EQSC6014) Subscribe
EQSC6015_S2 - Bloodstock Production & Mgmnt (EQSC6015) Subscribe
EQSC6016_S1 - Critical Care Neonate & Foal (EQSC6016) Subscribe
EQSC6017_S1 - Independent Study (EQSC6017) Subscribe
ESTM4001_S1 - Economics of Built Environment (ESTM4001) Subscribe
ESTM4002_S2 - Intro to Spatial Planning (ESTM4002) Subscribe
ESTM4003_S1 - Introduction to Valuation (ESTM4003) Subscribe
ESTM4003_S2 - Introduction to Valuation (ESTM4003) Subscribe
ESTM4004_S1 - Foundation Real Estate Law 1 (ESTM4004) Subscribe
ESTM4005_S2 - Foundation Real Estate Law 2 (ESTM4005) Subscribe
ESTM4006_S1 - Professional Practice - S&E (ESTM4006) Subscribe
ESTM4007_S1 - Introduction to Property &Mgmt (ESTM4007) Subscribe
ESTM4008_S2 - Intro Bldg Design & Appraisal (ESTM4008) Subscribe
ESTM5001_S1 - Constr & Appraisal of Real Est (ESTM5001) Subscribe
ESTM5002_S1 - Planning & Development Prac (ESTM5002) Subscribe
ESTM5003_S2 - Professional Practice - D&E (ESTM5003) Subscribe
ESTM5004_S1 - Real Est Accounting & Finance (ESTM5004) Subscribe
ESTM5005_S2 - Research Methods (ESTM5005) Subscribe
ESTM5006_S1 - Land Law (ESTM5006) Subscribe
ESTM5007_S2 - Landlord & Tenant Law (ESTM5007) Subscribe
ESTM5008_S1 - Valuation & Investment (ESTM5008) Subscribe
ESTM5008_S2 - Valuation & Investment (ESTM5008) Subscribe
ESTM6002_S2 - Applied Valuation (ESTM6002) Subscribe
ESTM6005_S1 - Professional Practice Test (ESTM6005) Subscribe
ESTM6006_S2 - Real Estate Investment (ESTM6006) Subscribe
ESTM6007_S12 - Dissertation (ESTM6007) Subscribe
ESTM6015_S1 - Mgmt Of Prop & Corp Real Est (ESTM6015) Subscribe
ESTM6016_S1 - Develop Process & Appraisal (ESTM6016) Subscribe
ESTM6017_S2 - Advanced Corporate Real Estate (ESTM6017) Subscribe
ESTM6018_S2 - Advanced Development (ESTM6018) Subscribe
ESTM6019_S2 - Residential Property (ESTM6019) Subscribe
ESTM6020_S2 - Property Technology (ESTM6020) Subscribe
ESTM6021_S2 - ESG and the Built Environment (ESTM6021) Subscribe
EVNT4002_S2 - Developing & Planning Events (EVNT4002) Subscribe
EVNT4010_S2 - Delivering the Charity Event (EVNT4010) Subscribe
EVNT5002_S2 - Principles of Event Marketing (EVNT5002) Subscribe
EVNT5010_S1 - Managing Sustainable Evnt Proj (EVNT5010) Subscribe
EVNT5011_S1 - Wedding Planning & Cele. Evnt (EVNT5011) Subscribe
EVNT6002_S1 - Contemp Issues in Leadership (EVNT6002) Subscribe
EVNT6003_S12 - Dissertation in Events Mgmt (EVNT6003) Subscribe
EVNT6004_S1 - Prof. Prac. for Event Managers (EVNT6004) Subscribe
EVNT6005_S2 - Events Industry Insights (EVNT6005) Subscribe
FILM4001_S1 - TF1: Framing Film Analysis (FILM4001) Subscribe
FILM4002_S1 - WF1: Screen Industries (FILM4002) Subscribe
FILM4003_S2 - WF2: Film History, Ind & Tech (FILM4003) Subscribe
FILM4004_S12 - MF1: Intro to Creative Practic (FILM4004) Subscribe
FILM4005_S2 - TF3: Popular Cinema (FILM4005) Subscribe
FILM4006_S2 - MF2: Screenwriting Film & TV (FILM4006) Subscribe
FILM4007_S1 - TF2: Research Skills & Resourc (FILM4007) Subscribe
FILM5002_S1 - MF4 Screenwriting Craft & Prac (FILM5002) Subscribe
FILM5003_S2 - MF5 Short Film Production (FILM5003) Subscribe
FILM5005_S1 - TF4: Stars and Audiences (FILM5005) Subscribe
FILM5010_S1 - MF3: Approaches to Film Making (FILM5010) Subscribe
FILM5015_S2 - TF5: Digital Research Methods (FILM5015) Subscribe
FILM5016_S1 - WF3: Fest, Cinemas & New Media (FILM5016) Subscribe
FILM5016_S2 - WF3: Fest, Cinemas & New Media (FILM5016) Subscribe
FILM5017_S2 - WF4: Independent Filmmakers (FILM5017) Subscribe
FILM5018_S2 - TF5: Digital Research Methods (FILM5018) Subscribe
FILM6001_S1 - MF6: Short Film Development (FILM6001) Subscribe
FILM6005_S1 - TF6: Film Theory (FILM6005) Subscribe
FILM6009_S2 - MF7: Short Film Project (FILM6009) Subscribe
FILM6010_S12 - WF5: Creative Industries (FILM6010) Subscribe
FILM6011_S2 - TF8: Global Cinema & TV (FILM6011) Subscribe
FILM7001_S2 - Research Methods in Film (FILM7001) Subscribe
FILM7004_S2 - Story Development (FILM7004) Subscribe
FREN4001_S1 - French Beginners 1 (FREN4001) Subscribe
FREN4002_S2 - French Beginners 2 (FREN4002) Subscribe
FREN4004_S1 - French Intermediate 1 (FREN4004) Subscribe
FREN4004_S2 - French B1 (1) (FREN4004) Subscribe
FREN4005_S2 - French Intermediate 2 (FREN4005) Subscribe
FREN5002_S1 - French Upper Intermediate 1 (FREN5002) Subscribe
FREN5003_S2 - French Upper Intermediate 2 (FREN5003) Subscribe
FREN5018_S1 - French Lower Intermediate (FREN5018) Subscribe
FREN5019_S2 - French Intermediate Lang & Cul (FREN5019) Subscribe
FREN6005_S1 - French Advanced 1 (FREN6005) Subscribe
FREN6006_S2 - French Advanced 2 (FREN6006) Subscribe
GDES4001_S1 - Research Skills & Methods (GDES4001) Subscribe
GDES4002_S1 - Principles (GDES4002) Subscribe
GDES4003_S1 - Strategies & Techniques (GDES4003) Subscribe
GDES4004_S2 - Theory & Practice (GDES4004) Subscribe
GDES4005_S2 - Context, Comm & Audience (GDES4005) Subscribe
GDES4006_S2 - Application (GDES4006) Subscribe
GDES5001_S1 - Design & Society (GDES5001) Subscribe
GDES5002_S1 - Integrated Projects 1 (GDES5002) Subscribe
GDES5005_S2 - Issues, Ethics & Social Respon (GDES5005) Subscribe
GDES5006_S2 - Integrated Projects 2 (GDES5006) Subscribe
GDES5014_S1 - Visual Systems (GDES5014) Subscribe
GDES5015_S2 - Professional Practice (GDES5015) Subscribe
GDES6001_S12 - Final Negotiated Practice (GDES6001) Subscribe
GDES6002_S1 - Collaboration (GDES6002) Subscribe
GDES6003_S12 - Entrepreneurial Practice (GDES6003) Subscribe
GDES6004_S2 - Professional Practice (GDES6004) Subscribe
GEOG4001_S1 - Intro to Human Geography (GEOG4001) Subscribe
GEOG4002_S2 - Intro to Physical Geography (GEOG4002) Subscribe
GEOG4006_S1 - Investigating Geography (GEOG4006) Subscribe
GEOG4007_S12 - Intro Geog Skills & Techniques (GEOG4007) Subscribe
GEOG4008_S12 - Geographical Perspectives (GEOG4008) Subscribe
GEOG5001_S2 - Cities: Geog of Urb Experience (GEOG5001) Subscribe
GEOG5002_S2 - Global Change (GEOG5002) Subscribe
GEOG5003_S12 - Advanced Research Skills (GEOG5003) Subscribe
GEOG5005_S1 - Environmental Hazard Managemnt (GEOG5005) Subscribe
GEOG5006_S2 - Earth Systems (GEOG5006) Subscribe
GEOG5007_S2 - Conservation & Heritage Mgmt (GEOG5007) Subscribe
GEOG5009_S1 - Quaternary Env Change (GEOG5009) Subscribe
GEOG5011_S2 - Biogeography (GEOG5011) Subscribe
GEOG5012_S1 - Political Geog: Place & Power (GEOG5012) Subscribe
GEOG6001_S1 - Cultural Geographies of Nature (GEOG6001) Subscribe
GEOG6002_S1 - Climate Change:Physical Basis (GEOG6002) Subscribe
GEOG6004_S1 - Future Cities (GEOG6004) Subscribe
GEOG6005_S2 - Arid Zone Environments (GEOG6005) Subscribe
GEOG6009_S2 - Dawn Of Civilisation (GEOG6009) Subscribe
GEOG6011_S12 - Interdisciplinary Dissertation (GEOG6011) Subscribe
GEOG6012_S12 - Geography Dissertation (GEOG6012) Subscribe
GEOG6013_S1 - Oceans & Marine Environment (GEOG6013) Subscribe
GEOG6015_S2 - Sustainable Futures (GEOG6015) Subscribe
GEOG6016_S2 - Disasters, Develpmnt & Society (GEOG6016) Subscribe
GEOG6017_S2 - Political Geographies: Borders (GEOG6017) Subscribe
GERM5001_S1 - German B2 (1) (GERM5001) Subscribe
GERM5002_S2 - German B2 (2) (GERM5002) Subscribe
HART4001_S2 - Museums and Society (HART4001) Subscribe
HART4002_S2 - Reading Art History (HART4002) Subscribe
HART4003_S1 - Making & Meaning: Western Art (HART4003) Subscribe
HART4004_S1 - Making & Meaning: Architecture (HART4004) Subscribe
HART4005_S2 - Modern British Art (HART4005) Subscribe
HART4006_S1 - Global Art in Oxford (HART4006) Subscribe
HART4007_S2 - Art and the Environment (HART4007) Subscribe
HART5001_S1 - Themes: European Art 1450-1700 (HART5001) Subscribe
HART5002_S1 - Themes:18th&19th Cent Euro Art (HART5002) Subscribe
HART5003_S2 - Themes in Modern Art (HART5003) Subscribe
HART5006_S2 - Themes in Architecture: Oxford (HART5006) Subscribe
HART6001_S1 - Adv Seminar: History of Art 1 (HART6001) Subscribe
HART6002_S2 - Adv Seminar: History of Art 2 (HART6002) Subscribe
HART6003_S12 - History of Art Synoptic (HART6003) Subscribe
HART6003_S21 - History of Art Synoptic (HART6003) Subscribe
HART6005_S12 - Dissertation / Project (HART6005) Subscribe
HART6006_S1 - Curatorial Practice (HART6006) Subscribe
HCON7001_S1 - Hist Studies 1: Medieval Bldgs (HCON7001) Subscribe
HCON7002_S2 - Hist Studies 2: Post Medieval (HCON7002) Subscribe
HCON7003_S2 - Building Construction & Repair (HCON7003) Subscribe
HCON7004_S12 - Hist Bldg Analysis & Record (HCON7004) Subscribe
HCON7005_S2 - Conservation Economics (HCON7005) Subscribe
HCON7006_S1 - Design for Conservation (HCON7006) Subscribe
HCON7007_S1 - Historic Conservation: T, L&P (HCON7007) Subscribe
HCON7008_S3 - Dissertation (HCON7008) Subscribe
HCON7009_S1 - Historic Buildings & Struc I (HCON7009) Subscribe
HCON7010_S2 - Historic Buildings & Struc II (HCON7010) Subscribe
HCON7011_S1 - Heritage Significance: Theory (HCON7011) Subscribe
HCON7012_S2 - Heritage Significance: Design (HCON7012) Subscribe
HCON7013_S2 - Research Methods in Hist Con (HCON7013) Subscribe
HECR4001_A4 - Study Skills for Fdn Degrees (HECR4001) Subscribe
HECR4001_E5 - Study Skills for Fdn Degrees (HECR4001) Subscribe
HECR4002_A4 - Work Based Learning 1 (HECR4002) Subscribe
HECR4003_E5 - Applied Social Science for HC (HECR4003) Subscribe
HECR4003_J7 - Applied Social Science for HC (HECR4003) Subscribe
HECR4004_E8 - Work Based Learning 2 (HECR4004) Subscribe
HECR4005_A10 - Science for Nursing Associates (HECR4005) Subscribe
HECR4006_A4 - Specialist Care Skills 1 (HECR4006) Subscribe
HECR4006_J3 - Specialist Care Skills 1 (HECR4006) Subscribe
HECR4007_S3 - Pro Health and Wellbeing NA (HECR4007) Subscribe
HECR5001_A4 - Soc Policy & Welfare Systems (HECR5001) Subscribe
HECR5001_E5 - Soc Policy & Welfare Systems (HECR5001) Subscribe
HECR5002_A4 - Work Based Learning 3 (HECR5002) Subscribe
HECR5003_A4 - Applying Evidence to Practice (HECR5003) Subscribe
HECR5003_E5 - Applying Evidence to Practice (HECR5003) Subscribe
HECR5003_J3 - Applying Evidence to Practice (HECR5003) Subscribe
HECR5003_J7 - Applying Evidence to Practice (HECR5003) Subscribe
HECR5004_A4 - Legal&Ethical Aspects of Care (HECR5004) Subscribe
HECR5004_E5 - Legal&Ethical Aspects of Care (HECR5004) Subscribe
HECR5004_J7 - Legal&Ethical Aspects of Care (HECR5004) Subscribe
HECR5005_E8 - Work Based Learning 4 (HECR5005) Subscribe
HECR5005_J7 - Work Based Learning 4 (HECR5005) Subscribe
HECR5006_A4 - Specialist Care Skills 2 (HECR5006) Subscribe
HECR5006_E5 - Specialist Care Skills 2 (HECR5006) Subscribe
HECR5007_S1 - Legal and Ethical Aspects EBP (HECR5007) Subscribe
HECR5008_S23 - Int Care for Nurse Associates (HECR5008) Subscribe
HESC5012_S1 - Research Methods & Analysis (HESC5012) Subscribe
HESC5012_S2 - Research Methods & Analysis (HESC5012) Subscribe
HESC7006_S1 - Operational Management in HSC (HESC7006) Subscribe
HESC7008_S2 - Org. Resource Mngmt HSC (HESC7008) Subscribe
HESC7011_S1 - Leadership in HSC (HESC7011) Subscribe
HESC7013_S2 - Evidence Based Practice (HESC7013) Subscribe
HESC7016_S1 - Advanced Research Design (HESC7016) Subscribe
HESC7031_S23 - Examination of the Newborn (HESC7031) Subscribe
HESC7033_S13 - Practice Ed Prof Standards St1 (HESC7033) Subscribe
HESC7034_S13 - Practice Ed Prof Standards St2 (HESC7034) Subscribe
HESC7035_S2 - Coaching & Mentoring in HSC (HESC7035) Subscribe
HIST4001_S1 - Europe & the World 1450-1750 (HIST4001) Subscribe
HIST4004_S2 - Death, Disease and Doctors (HIST4004) Subscribe
HIST4008_S2 - Superpowers:Intl Hist Cold War (HIST4008) Subscribe
HIST4009_S1 - Making History (HIST4009) Subscribe
HIST4010_S1 - A Peoples History of Britain (HIST4010) Subscribe
HIST4011_S2 - Power and Dominion (HIST4011) Subscribe
HIST4012_S1 - History of the First World War (HIST4012) Subscribe
HIST4013_S2 - The Faiths of the West (HIST4013) Subscribe
HIST4014_S2 - Crime & Violence in the West (HIST4014) Subscribe
HIST4016_S2 - Origins of the Climate Crisis (HIST4016) Subscribe
HIST5004_S1 - The Early Modern State (HIST5004) Subscribe
HIST5005_S2 - Conflict&Belief: EarlyModWorld (HIST5005) Subscribe
HIST5006_S2 - Genders, Sexualities & Bodies (HIST5006) Subscribe
HIST5007_S2 - Crime&Punishment through Ages (HIST5007) Subscribe
HIST5010_S1 - Jack The Ripper (HIST5010) Subscribe
HIST5012_S2 - A History of Modern Ideas (HIST5012) Subscribe
HIST5014_S1 - Making of the American Giant (HIST5014) Subscribe
HIST5015_S2 - Creating History 2 (HIST5015) Subscribe
HIST5017_S1 - Creating History 1 (HIST5017) Subscribe
HIST5020_S1 - The Making of Modern Britain (HIST5020) Subscribe
HIST5021_S2 - The Making of the Modern World (HIST5021) Subscribe
HIST6001_S12 - Interdisciplinary Dissertation (HIST6001) Subscribe
HIST6002_S12 - History Dissertation/Project (HIST6002) Subscribe
HIST6005_S2 - Adv Study:Social, Cult & Medic (HIST6005) Subscribe
HIST6006_S1 - Adv Study: History of Crime (HIST6006) Subscribe
HIST6007_S1 - Adv Study: History of Ideas (HIST6007) Subscribe
HIST6008_S1 - Adv Study in Political History (HIST6008) Subscribe
HIST6010_S2 - Adv Study: History of America (HIST6010) Subscribe
HIST7002_S1 - Theories, Methods & Practices (HIST7002) Subscribe
HIST7010_S2 - Road to Brexit:Britain & EU (HIST7010) Subscribe
HIST7012_S1 - Crime, Deviance & Civilization (HIST7012) Subscribe
HIST7013_S1 - Reformation & Parish Church (HIST7013) Subscribe
HIST7018_S23 - Dissertation (History) (HIST7018) Subscribe
HIST7021_S1 - Eugenics & Biopolitics (HIST7021) Subscribe
HIST7021_S2 - Eugenics & Biopolitics (HIST7021) Subscribe
HIST7026_S2 - Monsters & Magical Beings (HIST7026) Subscribe
HIST7028_S2 - Renaissances Space & Society (HIST7028) Subscribe
HIST7029_S1 - America at War: Rev to War (HIST7029) Subscribe
HIST7030_S2 - Blasphemy:Ancient to Contemp (HIST7030) Subscribe
HIST7031_S2 - History of US - Mexican Border (HIST7031) Subscribe
HIST7033_S1 - Age of the Anthropocene (HIST7033) Subscribe
HOTO4001_S1 - Mgmt in Intl Tour, Hosp & Evnt (HOTO4001) Subscribe
HOTO4003_S2 - Op Finance for Hosp & Tourism (HOTO4003) Subscribe
HOTO4004_S12 - Personal & Professional Dev (HOTO4004) Subscribe
HOTO4010_S2 - Management of Lodging Operatio (HOTO4010) Subscribe
HOTO4011_S12 - Employability Skills (HOTO4011) Subscribe
HOTO5001_S1 - Fin Mgmt in Hosp & Tourism (HOTO5001) Subscribe
HOTO5002_S2 - Dig Mktg Service Industries (HOTO5002) Subscribe
HOTO5003_S1 - Evaluating Prof Practice (HOTO5003) Subscribe
HOTO5004_S2 - Festival & Cultural Event Mgmt (HOTO5004) Subscribe
HOTO5007_S2 - Managing People (HOTO5007) Subscribe
HOTO5008_S2 - Revenue Management & Pricing (HOTO5008) Subscribe
HOTO5011_S1 - Tourist Behaviour (HOTO5011) Subscribe
HOTO5014_S1 - Evaluating Organisational Prac (HOTO5014) Subscribe
HOTO5015_S1 - Destination Product Developmnt (HOTO5015) Subscribe
HOTO5015_S2 - Tourism Product Development (HOTO5015) Subscribe
HOTO6001_S2 - Entre. & Creat. Hosp/Tour (HOTO6001) Subscribe
HOTO6002_S2 - Financial Decision Making (HOTO6002) Subscribe
HOTO6004_S1 - Intl Business Strategies (HOTO6004) Subscribe
HOTO6005_S12 - Leader. & Prof Dev. Tour/ Hos (HOTO6005) Subscribe
HOTO6006_S12 - Research Project (HOTO6006) Subscribe
HOTO6008_S1 - Tourism Impact Analysis (HOTO6008) Subscribe
HOTO6009_S2 - Business Analytics for Hospita (HOTO6009) Subscribe
HOTO6010_S1 - Bus. Plan. Innovation H&T (HOTO6010) Subscribe
HOTO6011_S2 - Food, Drink and Culture (HOTO6011) Subscribe
HOTO6012_S1 - Optimising Hospitality Ops (HOTO6012) Subscribe
HOTO7001_S2 - Resp. Financial Management (HOTO7001) Subscribe
HOTO7002_S1 - Managing Int. Hotel Employ. (HOTO7002) Subscribe
HOTO7002_S3 - Managing People Across Culture (HOTO7002) Subscribe
HOTO7003_S1 - Marketing Across Cultures (HOTO7003) Subscribe
HOTO7003_S3 - Marketing Across Cultures (HOTO7003) Subscribe
HOTO7007_S2 - Corporate Risk Governance (HOTO7007) Subscribe
HOTO7009_S2 - Hospitality Ops Management (HOTO7009) Subscribe
HOTO7010_S1 - The Global Visitor Economy (HOTO7010) Subscribe
HOTO7010_S3 - The Global Visitor Economy (HOTO7010) Subscribe
HOTO7016_S2 - Mentoring & Leadership Dev (HOTO7016) Subscribe
HOTO7017_S1 - Global Events and Society (HOTO7017) Subscribe
HOTO7018_S1 - Revenue Management (HOTO7018) Subscribe
HOTO7018_S2 - Revenue Management (HOTO7018) Subscribe
HOTO7019_S1 - Tour Innovation & Entrepreneur (HOTO7019) Subscribe
HOTO7027_S1 - Research Methods in Hosp, E&T (HOTO7027) Subscribe
HOTO7027_S2 - Research Methods in Hosp, E&T (HOTO7027) Subscribe
HOTO7028_S1 - Digital Marketing & Cons Exp (HOTO7028) Subscribe
HOTO7028_S3 - Digital Marketing & Cons Exp (HOTO7028) Subscribe
HOTO7029_S2 - Global Event Operations (HOTO7029) Subscribe
HOTO7031_S2 - Plan & Del Sustainable Event (HOTO7031) Subscribe
HOTO7032_S1 - Dark Tourism (HOTO7032) Subscribe
HOTO7032_S2 - Dark Tourism (HOTO7032) Subscribe
HRMA7003_S12 - Management Research Report (HRMA7003) Subscribe
HRMA7004_S12 - Understand & Research Orgs (HRMA7004) Subscribe
HRMA7012_S1 - People Resourcing & Talent Mng (HRMA7012) Subscribe
HRMA7013_S2 - Employee Engmt, Perf. & Reward (HRMA7013) Subscribe
HRMA7014_S2 - Employment Law (HRMA7014) Subscribe
HRMA7015_S1 - Cont. Iss & Challenges HRM (HRMA7015) Subscribe
HRMA7016_S1 - Learning, Dev. & Coaching (HRMA7016) Subscribe
HRMA7017_S2 - Und. Orgs & Managing Change (HRMA7017) Subscribe
HRMA7018_S1 - Crit. Investigation Skills PGD (HRMA7018) Subscribe
HRMA7019_S12 - Crit Invest. Skills MA/MSC (HRMA7019) Subscribe
HRMA7022_S2 - HR Management in Context (HRMA7022 - EX3) Subscribe
HRMA7023_S2 - Managing Employment Relations (HRMA7023) Subscribe
HRMA7033_S12 - HR Management in Practice (HRMA7033) Subscribe
HRMA7049_S1 - Dev. Skills: Bus. Leadership (HRMA7049) Subscribe
HRMA7049_S2 - Dev. Skills: Bus. Leadership (HRMA7049) Subscribe
HUMS3001_S1 - The Reflective Learner (HUMS3001) Subscribe
HUMS3003_S1 - Language,Vision&Representation (HUMS3003) Subscribe
HUMS3004_S1 - Being Human: Love, Sex & Death (HUMS3004) Subscribe
HUMS3005_S2 - Nation & Identity (HUMS3005) Subscribe
HUMS3006_S1 - Cultural Moments (HUMS3006) Subscribe
INFO3001_S1 - Development Studies (INFO3001) Subscribe
INFO3001_S2 - Development Studies (INFO3001) Subscribe
INFO3003_S1 - Ideas and Ideologies (INFO3003) Subscribe
INFO3003_S2 - Ideas and Ideologies (INFO3003) Subscribe
INFO3004_S2 - Extended Research Essay (INFO3004) Subscribe
INFO3004_S3 - Extended Research Essay (INFO3004) Subscribe
INFO3005_S1 - Business Fundamentals (INFO3005) Subscribe
INFO3005_S2 - Business Fundamentals (INFO3005) Subscribe
INFO3006_S1 - Economics for Business (INFO3006) Subscribe
INFO3006_S2 - Economics for Business (INFO3006) Subscribe
INFO3006_S3 - Economics for Business (INFO3006) Subscribe
INFO3007_S1 - Tourism and Hospitality (INFO3007) Subscribe
INFO3007_S3 - Tourism and Hospitality (INFO3007) Subscribe
INFO3009_S1 - Culture and Communication (INFO3009) Subscribe
INFO3009_S2 - Culture and Communication (INFO3009) Subscribe
INFO3011_S2 - English Law (INFO3011) Subscribe
INFO3013_S1 - Global Issues (INFO3013) Subscribe
INFO3013_S2 - Global Issues (INFO3013) Subscribe
INFO3015_S1 - Human and Cell Biology (INFO3015) Subscribe
INFO3017_S2 - Genetics and Ecology (INFO3017) Subscribe
INFO3023_S1 - Literature, Art and Media (INFO3023) Subscribe
INFO3023_S3 - Literature, Art and Media (INFO3023) Subscribe
INFO3024_S1 - Maths & Stats for Uni. Study (INFO3024) Subscribe
INFO3024_S2 - Maths & Stats for Uni. Study (INFO3024) Subscribe
INFO3026_S1 - Academic Skills 1 (INFO3026) Subscribe
INFO3026_S2 - Academic Skills 1 (INFO3026) Subscribe
INFO3027_S2 - Academic Skills 2 (INFO3027) Subscribe
INFO3027_S3 - Academic Skills 2 (INFO3027) Subscribe
INFO3028_S1 - University Study Skills (INFO3028) Subscribe
INFO3028_S2 - University Study Skills (INFO3028) Subscribe
INFO3029_S2 - Critical Thinking and Problem (INFO3029) Subscribe
INFO3029_S3 - Critical Thinking and Problem (INFO3029) Subscribe
INFO3030_S3 - Perspectives on Britishness (INFO3030) Subscribe
INFO4004_S2 - Britain: Past & Present (INFO4004) Subscribe
INFO4004_S3 - Britain: Past & Present (INFO4004) Subscribe
INRL4001_S1 - From Empires to States (INRL4001) Subscribe
INRL4002_S2 - Global Challenges in IR (INRL4002) Subscribe
INRL5001_S1 - The Global Political Economy (INRL5001) Subscribe
INRL5003_S2 - Contemporary Security Studies (INRL5003) Subscribe
INRL5006_S1 - Great Debates in Intl Rltns (INRL5006) Subscribe
INRL5007_S2 - Uncivil Society: Global Order (INRL5007) Subscribe
INRL6003_S1 - Law, Empires & Revolutions (INRL6003) Subscribe
INRL6008_S1 - Global Justice, Dev & Sustain (INRL6008) Subscribe
INRL6009_S2 - Ethics, Power, World Politics (INRL6009) Subscribe
INRL7001_S1 - Intl Relations: Theory & Prac (INRL7001) Subscribe
INRL7002_S1 - Global Political Economy (INRL7002) Subscribe
INRL7003_S2 - International Development (INRL7003) Subscribe
INRL7004_S2 - Sustainability, Social Justice (INRL7004) Subscribe
INRL7005_S2 - Capitalism: Crisis & World Ord (INRL7005) Subscribe
INRL7006_S2 - Ukraine: Revolution, War &GP (INRL7006) Subscribe
INRL7008_S2 - Violence & Peacebuilding (INRL7008) Subscribe
INRL7009_S2 - Dilemmas: International Ethics (INRL7009) Subscribe
INRL7010_S2 - Critical Approaches: Terrorism (INRL7010) Subscribe
INRL7011_S1 - Exploring Security Studies (INRL7011) Subscribe
INRL7012_S1 - Adv Research: Intl Relations (INRL7012) Subscribe
INRL7013_S2 - Racism & Colonialism in IR (INRL7013) Subscribe
INRL7021_S23 - Dissertation (INRL7021) Subscribe
INSE4001_S1 - Academic English for PG Study (INSE4001) Subscribe
INSE4001_S2 - Academic English for PG Study (INSE4001) Subscribe
INSE4002_S2 - Academic English for PG Res (INSE4002) Subscribe
INSE4006_S1 - Essential Acad Lang & Comms (INSE4006) Subscribe
INSE4006_S2 - Essential Acad Lang & Comms (INSE4006) Subscribe
INSE4007_S2 - Academic Writing for Business (INSE4007) Subscribe
INSE5005_S1 - Acad English for Bus Purposes (INSE5005) Subscribe
INSE5005_S2 - Acad English for Bus Purposes (INSE5005) Subscribe
INSE5006_S1 - Higher Academic Eng Lang Skill (INSE5006) Subscribe
INSE5006_S2 - Higher Academic Eng Lang Skill (INSE5006) Subscribe
INSE6000_S1 - Academic English for Business (INSE6000) Subscribe
INSE6000_S2 - Academic English for Business (INSE6000) Subscribe
JPNS4004_S1 - Japanese 1 A (JPNS4004) Subscribe
JPNS4005_S2 - Japanese 1 B (JPNS4005) Subscribe
JPNS4006_S1 - Japanese 2 A (JPNS4006) Subscribe
JPNS4007_S2 - Japanese 2 B (JPNS4007) Subscribe
JPNS4008_S1 - Essential Japanology (JPNS4008) Subscribe
JPNS4009_S1 - Japanese Reading & Writing 1A (JPNS4009) Subscribe
JPNS4010_S2 - Japanese Reading & Writing 1B (JPNS4010) Subscribe
JPNS4011_S12 - Japanese for Beginners 2 (JPNS4011) Subscribe
JPNS4012_S2 - Learning Japanese through JPop (JPNS4012) Subscribe
JPNS5004_S1 - Manga, Anime & Japanese Cinema (JPNS5004) Subscribe
JPNS5005_S2 - Tandem Language Learning (JPNS5005) Subscribe
JPNS5006_S12 - Japanese Oral Skills (JPNS5006) Subscribe
JPNS5008_S2 - The Making of Modern Japan (JPNS5008) Subscribe
JPNS5014_S2 - Classical Arts of Japan (JPNS5014) Subscribe
JPNS5016_S1 - Elements of Japanese Language (JPNS5016) Subscribe
JPNS5017_S1 - Japanese Reading & Writing 2A (JPNS5017) Subscribe
JPNS5018_S2 - Japanese Reading & Writing 2B (JPNS5018) Subscribe
JPNS6001_S2 - Japan Cinema & Modern History (JPNS6001) Subscribe
JPNS6002_S2 - Japanese Literary Texts (JPNS6002) Subscribe
JPNS6003_S2 - Japanese 4A (JPNS6003) Subscribe
JPNS6004_S1 - Japan Translation: Theory&Prac (JPNS6004) Subscribe
JPNS6005_S1 - Japanese 4 (JPNS6005) Subscribe
JPNS6006_S2 - Adv Japanese Communication (JPNS6006) Subscribe
JPNS6007_S1 - Japan: Myth & Reality (JPNS6007) Subscribe
JPNS6007_S2 - Japan: Myth & Reality (JPNS6007) Subscribe
JPNS6008_S2 - Role Language in Japanese (JPNS6008) Subscribe
JPNS6010_S2 - Tandem Language Learning (JPNS6010) Subscribe
JPNS6012_S12 - Japanese 3 (JPNS6012) Subscribe
JPNS6013_S12 - Japanese 4 (JPNS6013) Subscribe
LANG5001_S2 - Crit Linguistics:Lang of Power (LANG5001) Subscribe
LANG5005_S2 - Lang, Culture & Globalisation (LANG5005) Subscribe
LANG5006_S2 - Research Methods: ELC (LANG5006) Subscribe
LANG5008_S1 - English Lang Teaching Adults (LANG5008) Subscribe
LANG6001_S12 - Subject To Discourse (LANG6001) Subscribe
LANG6002_S1 - LanguageTeach:Learn&Creativity (LANG6002) Subscribe
LANG6003_S1 - Special Topics in ELL (LANG6003) Subscribe
LANG6004_S2 - Educational Sociolinguistics (LANG6004) Subscribe
LANG6005_S2 - Psycholinguistics (LANG6005) Subscribe
LANG6009_S2 - Forensic Linguistics (LANG6009) Subscribe
LANG6010_S1 - Analysing Spoken Discourse (LANG6010) Subscribe
LANG6011_S1 - Language and Identities (LANG6011) Subscribe
LAW3001_S1 - Study Skills (LAW3001) Subscribe
LAW3002_S1 - Principles of Criminal Law (LAW3002) Subscribe
LAW3003_S1 - Research Skills (LAW3003) Subscribe
LAW3004_S2 - Intro to Constitutional Law (LAW3004) Subscribe
LAW3005_S2 - Principles of Contract Law (LAW3005) Subscribe
LAW3006_S2 - Research Project (LAW3006) Subscribe
LAW3007_S2 - Criminal Advocacy (LAW3007) Subscribe
LAW3008_S1 - Introduction to Law (LAW3008) Subscribe
LAW4002_S1 - Legal Method (LAW4002) Subscribe
LAW4003_S12 - Tort (LAW4003) Subscribe
LAW4004_S12 - Contract Law (LAW4004) Subscribe
LAW4005_S12 - Public Law (LAW4005) Subscribe
LAW4009_S12 - Criminal Law (LAW4009) Subscribe
LAW4010_S2 - Comm Skills for Lawyers (LAW4010) Subscribe
LAW5001_T1 - English Legal System & Induct (LAW5001) Subscribe
LAW5002_S1 - Marriage Cohabitation &the Law (LAW5002) Subscribe
LAW5003_S1 - Company Law/Bus Associations (LAW5003) Subscribe
LAW5010_S2 - Employment Law (LAW5010) Subscribe
LAW5011_S2 - Evidence (LAW5011) Subscribe
LAW5013_S12 - Land Law (LAW5013) Subscribe
LAW5014_S1 - Commercial Law (LAW5014) Subscribe
LAW5015_S1 - Advanced Legal Skills (LAW5015) Subscribe
LAW5017_S1 - European Union Law (LAW5017) Subscribe
LAW5019_S2 - Understanding Criminal Justice (LAW5019) Subscribe
LAW5020_S12 - Tort (LAW5020) Subscribe
LAW5021_S2 - International Law (LAW5021) Subscribe
LAW5022_S2 - Environmental Law (LAW5022) Subscribe
LAW5023_S2 - Company Law for Sustainability (LAW5023) Subscribe
LAW5024_S1 - Tort Law for Business (LAW5024) Subscribe
LAW6001_S2 - International Law (LAW6001) Subscribe
LAW6002_S2 - International Human Rights Law (LAW6002) Subscribe
LAW6003_S1 - Nationality,Immigration&Asylum (LAW6003) Subscribe
LAW6004_S2 - Law,Environmentalism&Society (LAW6004) Subscribe
LAW6006_S2 - Equality Law (LAW6006) Subscribe
LAW6007_S2 - Company Law/Bus Associations (LAW6007) Subscribe
LAW6008_S1 - Medical Law (LAW6008) Subscribe
LAW6012_S1 - Computer Law & AI (LAW6012) Subscribe
LAW6013_S12 - Equity & Trusts (LAW6013) Subscribe
LAW6014_S2 - Independent Study Module (LAW6014) Subscribe
LAW6016_S2 - International Trade Law (LAW6016) Subscribe
LAW6017_S12 - Family Law (LAW6017) Subscribe
LAW6018_S1 - European Union Law (LAW6018) Subscribe
LAW6019_S2 - Understanding Criminal Justice (LAW6019) Subscribe
LAW6020_S2 - Crime & Society (LAW6020) Subscribe
LAW6021_S1 - Law in Action (LAW6021) Subscribe
LAW6021_S2 - Law in Action (LAW6021) Subscribe
LAW6024_T1 - Public Law (LAW6024) Subscribe
LAW6025_T12 - Land Law (LAW6025) Subscribe
LAW6026_T23 - European Union Law (LAW6026) Subscribe
LAW6027_T12 - Criminal Law (LAW6027) Subscribe
LAW6028_T23 - Legal Research Project (LAW6028) Subscribe
LAW6029_T23 - The Law of Tort (LAW6029) Subscribe
LAW6030_T1 - The Law of Contract (LAW6030) Subscribe
LAW6031_T23 - Equity & Trusts Law (LAW6031) Subscribe
LAW6032_S2 - Parents, Children & the State (LAW6032) Subscribe
LAW6033_S1 - Commercial Law (LAW6033) Subscribe
LAW7001_S1 - International Law (LAW7001) Subscribe
LAW7001_S2 - International Law (LAW7001) Subscribe
LAW7002_S2 - War Law (LAW7002) Subscribe
LAW7004_S1 - Intl. Human Rights Systems (LAW7004) Subscribe
LAW7007_S1 - Law of Intl Bus Transactions (LAW7007) Subscribe
LAW7007_S2 - Law of Intl Bus Transactions (LAW7007) Subscribe
LAW7010_S2 - Int Refugees and Migrants (LAW7010) Subscribe
LAW7011_S1 - International Investment Law (LAW7011) Subscribe
LAW7012_S2 - World Trade Law (LAW7012) Subscribe
LAW7013_S2 - Intl Economic Law (LAW7013) Subscribe
LAW7016_S2 - Intl Corporate Governance (LAW7016) Subscribe
LAW7017_S2 - Human Rights: Practical Issues (LAW7017) Subscribe
LAW7047_S1 - Theory & Critique:Human Rights (LAW7047) Subscribe
LAW7048_S12 - Dissertation (LAW7048) Subscribe
LAW7048_S23 - Dissertation (LAW7048) Subscribe
LAW7049_S1 - Adv Legal Research Methods (LAW7049) Subscribe
LAW7049_S2 - Adv Legal Research Methods (LAW7049) Subscribe
LAW7050_S2 - Int Env Law,Glob,Devl&Justice (LAW7050) Subscribe
LAW7051_S2 - Contemp Issues in Human Rights (LAW7051) Subscribe
MARK4002_S2 - Foundations of Marketing (MARK4002) Subscribe
MARK4003_S1 - Marketing in a Digital World (MARK4003) Subscribe
MARK4004_S2 - Marketing Research (MARK4004) Subscribe
MARK4007_S2 - Creativity for Marketing (MARK4007) Subscribe
MARK4008_S1 - Acad & Prof. Prac: Marketing (MARK4008) Subscribe
MARK4009_S2 - Developing Marketing Skills (MARK4009) Subscribe
MARK4010_S2 - Sustainable &Ethical Marketing (MARK4010) Subscribe
MARK4011_S1 - Es. Mark & Lead. Sk: Marketing (MARK4011) Subscribe
MARK4012_S2 - Customer and Market Insights (MARK4012) Subscribe
MARK5004_S2 - Con. Omnichannel Ret & Mark (MARK5004) Subscribe
MARK5006_S1 - Integrated Marketing Comms (MARK5006) Subscribe
MARK5008_S2 - Product & Brand Management (MARK5008) Subscribe
MARK5009_S1 - Managing Customer Experience (MARK5009) Subscribe
MARK5010_S2 - Digital Marketing (MARK5010) Subscribe
MARK5012_S1 - Explore/Enhance Employability (MARK5012) Subscribe
MARK5013_S2 - PR & Brand: Social Media Age (MARK5013) Subscribe
MARK5015_S1 - Marketing Management (MARK5015) Subscribe
MARK5016_S1 - Aspects of Marketing (MARK5016) Subscribe
MARK5017_S1 - Marketing Planning (MARK5017) Subscribe
MARK5023_S2 - Applied Marketing Cons. (MARK5023) Subscribe
MARK5024_S1 - Consumer Behaviour (MARK5024) Subscribe
MARK5025_S1 - Contemporary Mktg Comms (MARK5025) Subscribe
MARK5026_S2 - Creative Digital Mktg (MARK5026) Subscribe
MARK5027_S2 - Dgtl Advtising & Crtv Cont. (MARK5027) Subscribe
MARK5028_S1 - Digital Consumer Bhvr. (MARK5028) Subscribe
MARK5029_S2 - Social Media & Influenc. Mktg. (MARK5029) Subscribe
MARK6001_S1 - Campaign Mgmt & Development (MARK6001) Subscribe
MARK6002_S1 - Contemp Issues in Mktg Mgmt (MARK6002) Subscribe
MARK6003_S2 - International Marketing (MARK6003) Subscribe
MARK6004_S1 - Personal Branding (MARK6004) Subscribe
MARK6005_S2 - Strategic Marketing Management (MARK6005) Subscribe
MARK6007_S2 - Marketing Analytics (MARK6007) Subscribe
MARK6008_S12 - Dissertation in Bus/Mktg Mgmt (MARK6008) Subscribe
MARK6009_S1 - Contemp Consumer Behaviour (MARK6009) Subscribe
MARK6010_S1 - Dev Contemp Retail Experience (MARK6010) Subscribe
MARK7001_S2 - Dig & Soc Media Mktg Strategy (MARK7001) Subscribe
MARK7001_S3 - Dig & Soc Media Mktg Strategy (MARK7001) Subscribe
MARK7002_S1 - Customer Insight & Engagement (MARK7002) Subscribe
MARK7003_S23 - Prof & Acad Development (MARK7003) Subscribe
MARK7003_S31 - Prof & Acad Development (MARK7003) Subscribe
MARK7004_S1 - Brand & Marketing Comms (MARK7004) Subscribe
MARK7005_S1 - Marketing Luxury: Sus. World (MARK7005) Subscribe
MARK7006_S1 - Research Methods (MARK7006) Subscribe
MARK7006_S2 - Research Methods (MARK7006) Subscribe
MARK7009_S2 - Managing Lux. Exp: Era Sistain (MARK7009) Subscribe
MARK7010_S2 - Strategic &Sustain Brand Mngmt (MARK7010) Subscribe
MARK7010_S3 - Strategic Brand Management (MARK7010) Subscribe
MARK7013_S1 - Sustainable Consumer Behaviour (MARK7013) Subscribe
MARK7013_S2 - Sustainable Consumer Behaviour (MARK7013) Subscribe
MARK7015_S2 - Digital Marketing & Analytics (MARK7015) Subscribe
MARK7018_S2 - Sust Global Marketing Strategy (MARK7018) Subscribe
MARK7018_S3 - Sust Global Marketing Strategy (MARK7018) Subscribe
MARK7022_S23 - Dissertation for Mktg & Events (MARK7022) Subscribe
MARK7045_S1 - Resp Marketing: Global World (MARK7045) Subscribe
MARK7045_S2 - Resp Marketing: Global World (MARK7045) Subscribe
MARK7046_S2 - Dig. Content Mark. Mangment (MARK7046) Subscribe
MARK7047_S23 - Client Project for M&E (MARK7047) Subscribe
MARK7047_S31 - Client Project for M&E (MARK7047) Subscribe
MARK7048_S23 - Research Project: Marketers (MARK7048) Subscribe
MARK7048_S31 - Research Project: Marketers (MARK7048) Subscribe
MARK7049_S1 - Dig. Marketing: Social Change (MARK7049) Subscribe
MARK7050_S2 - Understand Cons: Glob. World (MARK7050) Subscribe
MATH4004_S2 - Mathematics for Computing (MATH4004) Subscribe
MATH4008_S12 - Fndmntls Abstrct & Linear Alg (MATH4008) Subscribe
MATH4009_S2 - Calculus and Analysis (MATH4009) Subscribe
MATH5010_S12 - Differential Equations for App (MATH5010) Subscribe
MATH5011_S12 - Numerical Methods in Sci Comp (MATH5011) Subscribe
MATH5012_S2 - Vector Calculus &Diff Geometry (MATH5012) Subscribe
MATH5014_S1 - Mathematical Models & Simulatn (MATH5014) Subscribe
MATH6014_S12 - Computational Methods Math Mdl (MATH6014) Subscribe
MATH6015_S2 - Stochastic Methods in Finance (MATH6015) Subscribe
MATH6016_S12 - Perspectives Modern Maths&Stat (MATH6016) Subscribe
MATH6017_S12 - Final Year Dissertation (MATH6017) Subscribe
MBA7005_A6 - Develop Leadership Capability (MBA7005) Subscribe
MBA7006_G6 - Acc & Finance for Managers (MBA7006) Subscribe
MBA7007_G6 - Entrepreneur & Enterprise Dev (MBA7007) Subscribe
MBA7017_G6 - Planning New Business Ventures (MBA7017) Subscribe
MBA7042_A6 - Driving Excellence (MBA7042) Subscribe
MBA7043_A6 - Analysing & Designing Org (MBA7043) Subscribe
MBA7043_G6 - Analysing & Designing Org (MBA7043) Subscribe
MBA7044_A6 - Developing Leadership (MBA7044) Subscribe
MBA7045_G6 - Accounting for Decision Making (MBA7045) Subscribe
MBA7046_A6 - Innovation Creativity & Enterp (MBA7046) Subscribe
MBA7046_G6 - Innovation Creativity & Enterp (MBA7046) Subscribe
MBA7047_A6 - Global Strategy (MBA7047) Subscribe
MBA7051_G6 - Entrepreneurial Capabilities (MBA7051) Subscribe
MBA7052_G6 - Creating New Business Venture (MBA7052) Subscribe
MBA7053_A6 - Digital Transformation (MBA7053) Subscribe
MCEL4001_S1 - Basic Comms & PC Networking (MCEL4001 - EX2) Subscribe
MCEL4001_S2 - Basic Comms & PC Networking (MCEL4001 - EX2) Subscribe
MCEL4002_S2 - Introduction to Networks (MCEL4002) Subscribe
MCEL5002_S1 - Network Technologies (MCEL5002) Subscribe
MCEL5003_S2 - WAN Technologies (MCEL5003) Subscribe
MCEL6003_S2 - Network Security (MCEL6003 - EX2) Subscribe
MDES4001_S1 - Culture, Identity & Society (MDES4001) Subscribe
MDES4002_S2 - Tackling Challenges Through LA (MDES4002) Subscribe
MDES4003_S2 - Understanding Languages (MDES4003) Subscribe
MDES4004_S1 - Language Acquisition (MDES4004) Subscribe
MDES4005_S2 - Customs, Icons and Symbols (MDES4005) Subscribe
MDES4006_S2 - Intro to East Asian Cultures (MDES4006) Subscribe
MDES4007_S1 - Intro to Sociolinguistics (MDES4007) Subscribe
MDES5001_S2 - Cultural Competence:World work (MDES5001) Subscribe
MDES5006_S1 - Translation as Intercult Comm (MDES5006) Subscribe
MDES6002_S12 - Res Cross-Cultural Experiences (MDES6002) Subscribe
MDES6003_S2 - Advanced Translation skills (MDES6003) Subscribe
MDES6006_S12 - Cultural Competence:World Work (MDES6006) Subscribe
MDES6009_S1 - Translation: Intercult Commun (MDES6009) Subscribe
MHAN_S13 - Moving and Handling (MHAN) Subscribe
MJPB4001_S1 - Writing & Developing Content (MJPB4001) Subscribe
MJPB4002_S1 - Understanding Contexts (MJPB4002) Subscribe
MJPB4003_S1 - The Creative Industries (MJPB4003) Subscribe
MJPB4004_S2 - Design & Technology (MJPB4004) Subscribe
MJPB4005_S2 - Storytelling As Experience (MJPB4005) Subscribe
MJPB4006_S2 - Media Law & Ethics (MJPB4006) Subscribe
MJPB5001_S1 - Essential Journalism (MJPB5001) Subscribe
MJPB5002_S1 - The Book Publishing Industry (MJPB5002) Subscribe
MJPB5004_S2 - Oxford: City & Creative Indust (MJPB5004) Subscribe
MJPB5005_S2 - Popular Culture & the Media (MJPB5005) Subscribe
MJPB5006_S2 - Media Marketing & Business (MJPB5006) Subscribe
MJPB5007_S2 - Research & Data Analysis (MJPB5007) Subscribe
MJPB5008_S2 - Print Media & Society (MJPB5008) Subscribe
MJPB5009_S2 - International Publishing (MJPB5009) Subscribe
MJPB5011_S1 - Video Journalism (MJPB5011) Subscribe
MJPB5012_S2 - Fashion Journalism (MJPB5012) Subscribe
MJPB5013_S2 - Sports Journalism (MJPB5013) Subscribe
MJPB5014_S1 - Digital Design & Typograph (MJPB5014) Subscribe
MJPB6001_S1 - Creative Entrepreneurship (MJPB6001) Subscribe
MJPB6002_S1 - Fiction & Non-Fiction (MJPB6002) Subscribe
MJPB6003_S1 - Digital and Data Journalism (MJPB6003) Subscribe
MJPB6004_S1 - The Death Of The Author (MJPB6004) Subscribe
MJPB6005_S2 - Media & Propaganda (MJPB6005) Subscribe
MJPB6006_S2 - Magazine Journalism (MJPB6006) Subscribe
MJPB6007_S2 - Childrens Publishing (MJPB6007) Subscribe
MJPB6008_S2 - Digital Product (MJPB6008) Subscribe
MJPB6010_S12 - Major Project or Dissertation (MJPB6010) Subscribe
MJPB6011_S1 - Popular Culture & the Media (MJPB6011) Subscribe
MJPB6012_S2 - Developing Scripted Content (MJPB6012) Subscribe
MJPB7001_S1 - The Practice of Journalism (MJPB7001) Subscribe
MJPB7002_S1 - Journalism and Technology (MJPB7002) Subscribe
MJPB7003_S1 - Media Law and Ethics (MJPB7003) Subscribe
MJPB7004_S2 - Digital and Data Journalism (MJPB7004) Subscribe
MJPB7006_S2 - Media Power and Public Affairs (MJPB7006) Subscribe
MJPB7007_S2 - Lifestyle Journalism (MJPB7007) Subscribe
MJPB7009_S2 - Brand Management (MJPB7009) Subscribe
MJPB7010_S2 - Multimedia Journalism (MJPB7010) Subscribe
MJPB7012_S13 - Journalism Dissertation/MP (MJPB7012) Subscribe
MOFL4002_S2 - Communication and Culture (MOFL4002) Subscribe
MOFL5001_S2 - Professional Communication (MOFL5001) Subscribe
MOFL5002_S1 - Language and Communication (MOFL5002) Subscribe
MOFL6001_S1 - Adv Eng Lang & Comm Skills (MOFL6001) Subscribe
MOFL6002_S2 - Adv Eng Lang: Global Comm (MOFL6002) Subscribe
MUSC4012_S1 - Listening Recording Composing (MUSC4012) Subscribe
MUSC4013_S2 - Songwriting,Film & Media Comp1 (MUSC4013) Subscribe
MUSC4015_S12 - Perform Portfolio & Event Prod (MUSC4015) Subscribe
MUSC4016_S2 - Crit Listening & Music Theory (MUSC4016) Subscribe
MUSC4017_S1 - Understanding Music on Screen (MUSC4017) Subscribe
MUSC4029_S1 - Exploring Popular Music (MUSC4029) Subscribe
MUSC4030_S2 - Introduction to Music History (MUSC4030) Subscribe
MUSC5020_S2 - Music International Field Trip (MUSC5020) Subscribe
MUSC5021_S23 - Work Experience (MUSC5021) Subscribe
MUSC5022_S12 - Music in Society (MUSC5022) Subscribe
MUSC5023_S1 - Music Analysis (MUSC5023) Subscribe
MUSC5024_S1 - Songwriting,Film & Media Comp2 (MUSC5024) Subscribe
MUSC5025_S12 - Group Performance in the City (MUSC5025) Subscribe
MUSC5026_S1 - Practical Musicianship Skills (MUSC5026) Subscribe
MUSC5027_S1 - Recording Studio Practice (MUSC5027) Subscribe
MUSC6010_S12 - Music Project (MUSC6010) Subscribe
MUSC6011_S2 - Prof Skills Portfolio Musician (MUSC6011) Subscribe
MUSC6012_S1 - Music Journalism: Hist & Prac (MUSC6012) Subscribe
MUSC6013_S2 - Music & the Dramatic Arts (MUSC6013) Subscribe
MUSC6014_S2 - Advanced Solo Performance (MUSC6014) Subscribe
MUSC6015_S12 - Music Tech: Editing & Mixing (MUSC6015) Subscribe
MUSC6016_S12 - Advanced Composition (MUSC6016) Subscribe
MUSC6017_S12 - Advanced Musicology (MUSC6017) Subscribe
MUSC7002_S2 - Electroacoustic & Electro Comp (MUSC7002) Subscribe
MUSC7003_S2 - Professional Experience (MUSC7003) Subscribe
MUSC7005_S2 - Advanced Musicology II (MUSC7005) Subscribe
MWIF4007_S12 - Anatomy/Physiology: Midwives (MWIF4007) Subscribe
MWIF4008_S12 - Midwifery Practice 1 (MWIF4008) Subscribe
MWIF4009_S23 - Midwifery Practice 2 (MWIF4009) Subscribe
MWIF4010_S1 - Public Health in Midwifery 1 (MWIF4010) Subscribe
MWIF4019_S23 - Intro to Research and Evidence (MWIF4019) Subscribe
MWIF5012_S12 - Anatomy/Physiology: Midwives (MWIF5012) Subscribe
MWIF5014_S23 - Midwifery Elective: Inv & Eng (MWIF5014) Subscribe
MWIF5015_S23 - Childbearing and Neonatal Comp (MWIF5015) Subscribe
MWIF5016_S2 - A Midwifery Research Proposal (MWIF5016) Subscribe
MWIF5017_S12 - Midwifery Pract 3: Emergencies (MWIF5017) Subscribe
MWIF5018_S23 - Midwifery Pract 4: Clinician (MWIF5018) Subscribe
MWIF5020_S1 - Public Health in Midwifery 2 (MWIF5020) Subscribe
MWIF6011_S12 - Dissertation (MWIF6011) Subscribe
MWIF6012_S12 - Anatomy/Physiology: Midwives (MWIF6012) Subscribe
MWIF6014_S12 - Midwifery Practice 1 (MWIF6014) Subscribe
MWIF6015_S23 - Midwifery Practice 2 (MWIF6015) Subscribe
MWIF6016_S12 - Midwifery Practice 5 (MWIF6016) Subscribe
MWIF6017_S1 - Public Health in Midwifery 1 (MWIF6017) Subscribe
MWIF6019_S23 - Intro to Research and Evidence (MWIF6019) Subscribe
MWIF6021_S12 - Philosophy for Midwifery Pract (MWIF6021) Subscribe
MWIF6022_S12 - Midwifery Pract 6: Autonomy (MWIF6022) Subscribe
MWIF7014_S12 - Midwifery Practice 5 (MWIF7014) Subscribe
MWIF7015_S23 - Childbearing and Neonatal Comp (MWIF7015) Subscribe
MWIF7016_S2 - A Midwifery Research Proposal (MWIF7016) Subscribe
MWIF7017_S12 - Midwifery Pract 3: Emergencies (MWIF7017) Subscribe
MWIF7018_S23 - Midwifery Pract 4: Clinician (MWIF7018) Subscribe
MWIF7020_S1 - Public Health in Midwifery 2 (MWIF7020) Subscribe
MWIF7021_S12 - Philosophy for Midwifery Pract (MWIF7021) Subscribe
MWIF7022_S12 - Midwifery Pract 6: Autonomy (MWIF7022) Subscribe
NETW7006_S2 - Malware Analysis (NETW7006) Subscribe
NETW7007_S2 - OS Security & Development (NETW7007) Subscribe
NETW7008_S2 - Secure Programming (NETW7008) Subscribe
NURS4008_S1 - Ess Acad English Nursing (NURS4008) Subscribe
NURS4009_S1 - Prep for Acad & Prof Learning (NURS4009) Subscribe
NURS4011_S12 - Foundations Nursing Practice (NURS4011) Subscribe
NURS4012_S12 - Biosciences for Nursing Prac (NURS4012) Subscribe
NURS4013_S2 - Adult Health & Wellbeing (NURS4013) Subscribe
NURS4014_S2 - Mental Health & Wellbeing (NURS4014) Subscribe
NURS4015_S2 - Child Family Health Wellbeing (NURS4015) Subscribe
NURS4016_S13 - Clinical Practice Exp1 (Adult) (NURS4016) Subscribe
NURS4017_S13 - Clinical Practice Exp 1 (MH) (NURS4017) Subscribe
NURS4018_S13 - Clinical Prac Exp 1 (Children) (NURS4018) Subscribe
NURS5024_S12 - Promoting Hlth: Adlt Nurs Prac (NURS5024) Subscribe
NURS5024_S2 - Promoting Hlth: Adlt Nurs Prac (NURS5024) Subscribe
NURS5025_S12 - Promoting Hlth: Chil Nurs Prac (NURS5025) Subscribe
NURS5025_S2 - Promoting Hlth: Chil Nurs Prac (NURS5025) Subscribe
NURS5026_S12 - Promoting MH: Adlt Nurs Prac (NURS5026) Subscribe
NURS5027_S1 - En.Therap Relation. Nurs Prac. (NURS5027) Subscribe
NURS5028_S12 - Assess & Plan Adult Nurs Care (NURS5028) Subscribe
NURS5029_S12 - Assess & Plan Care Children YP (NURS5029) Subscribe
NURS5030_S12 - Assess & Plan MH Nursing Care (NURS5030) Subscribe
NURS5032_S2 - Promoting Hlth: CNP Transition (NURS5032) Subscribe
NURS5033NEW_S23 - Promoting Health in MH Nursing Practice (NURS5033) Subscribe
NURS5033_S23 - Promoting Health in MH Nursing Practice (NURS5033) Subscribe
NURS5034_S13 - Clinical Practice Exp 2(Adult) (NURS5034) Subscribe
NURS5035_S13 - Clinical Practice Exp 2 (MH) (NURS5035) Subscribe
NURS5036_S13 - Clinical Practice Exp 2(Child) (NURS5036) Subscribe
NURS6009_S12 - Nursing Children: Complex Care (NURS6009) Subscribe
NURS6010_S12 - Care:Ppl Complex MH needs (NURS6010) Subscribe
NURS6013_S1 - Advanced Research Design (NURS6013) Subscribe
NURS6014_S12 - Dissertation/Project (NURS6014) Subscribe
NURS6017_S12 - SACT Admin & Patient Care (NURS6017) Subscribe
NURS6017_S23 - SACT Admin & Patient Care (NURS6017) Subscribe
NURS6049_S12 - Nursing Care Adults with CCN (NURS6049) Subscribe
NURS6050_S12 - Nursing Care Complex MH Needs (NURS6050) Subscribe
NURS6051_S12 - Complex Care Children YP & Fam (NURS6051) Subscribe
NURS6052_S12 - Consolidation Adult Nurs Prac (NURS6052) Subscribe
NURS6053_S12 - Consolidation Child Nurs Prac (NURS6053) Subscribe
NURS6054_S12 - Consolidation MH Nursing Prac (NURS6054) Subscribe
NURS6055_S12 - Clinical Practice Exp 3(Adult) (NURS6055) Subscribe
NURS6056_S12 - Clinical Practice Exp 3 (MH) (NURS6056) Subscribe
NURS6057_S12 - Clinical Practice Exp 3(Child) (NURS6057) Subscribe
NURS6059_S12 - Assess & Plan MH Nursing Care (NURS6059) Subscribe
NURS6060_S12 - Promoting Health in MH Prac (NURS6060) Subscribe
NURS6060_S2 - Promoting Health in MH Prac (NURS6060) Subscribe
NURS6067_S12 - Clinic Prac Exp 3 Trans(Child) (NURS6067) Subscribe
NURS6068_S12 - Clinic Prac Exp 3 Trans (MH) (NURS6068) Subscribe
NURS7015_S12 - NursingMgmt:Adult Complex Care (NURS7015) Subscribe
NURS7018_S12 - Dissertation (NURS7018) Subscribe
NURS7020_S1 - Educ in Nursing Prac 5 Dual (NURS7020) Subscribe
NURS7020_S2 - Educ in Nursing Prac 5 Dual (NURS7020) Subscribe
NURS7021_S12 - Educ in Nursing Prac 6 Dual (NURS7021) Subscribe
NURS7023_S1 - Care Det/Acutely Unwell Adult (NURS7023) Subscribe
NURS7023_S3 - Care Det/Acutely Unwell Adult (NURS7023) Subscribe
NURS7026_S2 - Cardiac & Respiratory Care (NURS7026) Subscribe
NURS7028_S2 - Care of Older Person w/Frailty (NURS7028) Subscribe
NURS7030_S1 - Adv History Taking & Assess (NURS7030) Subscribe
NURS7030_S2 - Adv History Taking & Assess (NURS7030) Subscribe
NURS7030_S3 - Adv History Taking & Assess (NURS7030) Subscribe
NURS7031_S1 - Diagnostic Reasoning in Prac (NURS7031) Subscribe
NURS7031_S2 - Diagnostic Reasoning in Prac (NURS7031) Subscribe
NURS7031_S3 - Diagnostic Reasoning in Prac (NURS7031) Subscribe
NURS7033_S23 - Assess & Manage Minor Injuries (NURS7033) Subscribe
NURS7036_S2 - Childrens Emergency Care (NURS7036) Subscribe
NURS7037_S1 - Adult Emergency Care (NURS7037) Subscribe
NURS7037_S2 - Adult Emergency Care (NURS7037) Subscribe
NURS7038_S1 - Governance in Emergency Care (NURS7038) Subscribe
NURS7038_S3 - Governance in Emergency Care (NURS7038) Subscribe
NURS7041_S1 - Foundations of CSP - DN1 (NURS7041) Subscribe
NURS7042_S2 - Foundations of CSP - DN2 (NURS7042) Subscribe
NURS7042_S3 - Foundations of CSP - DN2 (NURS7042) Subscribe
NURS7048_S2 - Fnd Special Comm PH Nursing 2 (NURS7048) Subscribe
NURS7057_S12 - Nurse/Midwife Ind/Supp (V300) (NURS7057) Subscribe
NURS7057_S23 - Nurse/Midwife Ind/Supp (V300) (NURS7057) Subscribe
NURS7058_S12 - Ind & Suppl Prescribing (AHP) (NURS7058) Subscribe
NURS7058_S23 - Ind & Suppl Prescribing (AHP) (NURS7058) Subscribe
NURS7061_S1 - Applied Research Methods (NURS7061) Subscribe
NURS7061_S2 - Applied Research Methods (NURS7061) Subscribe
NURS7061_S3 - Applied Research Methods (NURS7061) Subscribe
NURS7062_S13 - Dissertation in Adv Practice (NURS7062) Subscribe
NURS7073_S12 - Clinical Practice Exp 4 Dual (NURS7073) Subscribe
NURS7076_S12 - Advancing Professional Practice (NURS7076) Subscribe
NURS7076_S2 - Advancing Prof Practice (NURS7076) Subscribe
NURS7078_S3 - Adv Clinical Practitioner EPA (NURS7078) Subscribe
NURS7102_S1 - En.Therap Relation. Nurs Prac. (NURS7102) Subscribe
NURS7103_S12 - Nurs Care Cmplx Phys &MH Needs (NURS7103) Subscribe
NURS7104_S12 - Consolidation Adult & MH Prac (NURS7104) Subscribe
NURS7105_S12 - Clinical Prac Exp 4 (Adult&MH) (NURS7105) Subscribe
NURS7106_S12 - Assess & Plan MH Nursing Care (NURS7106) Subscribe
NURS7107_S12 - Promoting Health in MH Prac (NURS7107) Subscribe
NURS7107_S2 - Promoting Health in MH Prac (NURS7107) Subscribe
NURS7108_S13 - Clinical Practice Exp 2 (MH) (NURS7108) Subscribe
NURS7109_S12 - Nursing Care Complex MH Needs (NURS7109) Subscribe
NURS7110_S12 - Consolidation of MH Practice (NURS7110) Subscribe
NURS7111_S12 - Clinical Practice Exp 3 (MH) (NURS7111) Subscribe
NURS7120_S12 - MH&Child Nurs Complex HlthCare (NURS7120) Subscribe
NURS7127_S1 - Principles of Caring for the CIA Subscribe
NURS7128_S2 - Applied Care of the CIA Subscribe
NURS7131_S12 - SACT Admin & Patient Care (NURS7131) Subscribe
NURS7131_S23 - SACT Admin & Patient Care (NURS7131) Subscribe
NURS7132_S13 - Advancing Clinical Decision Making (NURS7132NEW) Subscribe
NURS7133_S13 - Simulation Based Education (NURS7133) Subscribe
NURS7133_S2 - Simulation Based Education (NURS7133) Subscribe
NURS8888_S1 - NMC 8888 at MRS in S1 Subscribe
NUTR4001_S1 - Introduction to Nutrition (NUTR4001) Subscribe
NUTR4002_S2 - Sci Skills: Health Scientists (NUTR4002) Subscribe
NUTR4004_S1 - Prof Prac for Nutritionists 1 (NUTR4004) Subscribe
NUTR4005_S2 - Psychology of Food (NUTR4005) Subscribe
NUTR4006_S2 - Food Groups (NUTR4006) Subscribe
NUTR4007_S1 - Academic and Research Literacy (NUTR4007) Subscribe
NUTR5002_S1 - Fundamentals of Food Science (NUTR5002) Subscribe
NUTR5003_S2 - Motivating Health Behaviour (NUTR5003) Subscribe
NUTR5004_S1 - Nutrition Biochem & Metabolism (NUTR5004) Subscribe
NUTR5006_S1 - Prof Prac for Nutritionists 2 (NUTR5006) Subscribe
NUTR5007_S2 - Lifespan Nutrition (NUTR5007) Subscribe
NUTR5008_S2 - Applied Human Nutrition (NUTR5008) Subscribe
NUTR5018_S1 - Research Meth for Nut & Hlt Sc (NUTR5018) Subscribe
NUTR6002_S1 - Functional Foods & Product Dev (NUTR6002) Subscribe
NUTR6003_S2 - Global Nutrition, PH & Policy (NUTR6003) Subscribe
NUTR6004_S1 - Prof Prac for Nutritionists 3 (NUTR6004) Subscribe
NUTR6005_S1 - Clinical Nutrition (NUTR6005) Subscribe
NUTR6007_S2 - Energy Regulation & Obesity (NUTR6007) Subscribe
NUTR6008_S12 - Nutrition Research Project (NUTR6008) Subscribe
NUTR7001_S1 - Fundamentals Human Nutrition (NUTR7001) Subscribe
NUTR7002_S2 - Global Nutrition & Publ Health (NUTR7002) Subscribe
NUTR7003_S1 - Food Science (NUTR7003) Subscribe
NUTR7004_S1 - Research Methods (NUTR7004) Subscribe
NUTR7005_S2 - Nutrition, Activity & Health (NUTR7005) Subscribe
NUTR7006_S1 - Sport & Exercise Nutrition (NUTR7006) Subscribe
NUTR7007_S1 - Sport and Exercise Physiology (NUTR7007) Subscribe
NUTR7008_S2 - Research Project (NUTR7008) Subscribe
NUTR7008_S3 - Research Project (NUTR7008) Subscribe
NUTR7009_S2 - Applied Techniques in S&EN (NUTR7009) Subscribe
NUTR7011_S2 - Appl Prac Sport & Ex Nutrition (NUTR7011) Subscribe
NUTR7012_S2 - Health Promotion & Prof Prac (NUTR7012) Subscribe
OBBS6001_S12 - Work-Based Learning (OBBS6001) Subscribe
OCCT4001_S1 - Therapeutic Use of Self (OCCT4001) Subscribe
OCCT4011_S12 - Occ Therapy Foundations (OCCT4011) Subscribe
OCCT4012_S1 - Occ Therapy Core Skills (OCCT4012) Subscribe
OCCT4013_S12 - Struc & Function Human Body (OCCT4013) Subscribe
OCCT4014_S2 - Enabling Occ Participation 1 (OCCT4014) Subscribe
OCCT4015_S12 - Professional Practice 1 (OCCT4015) Subscribe
OCCT5009_S1 - Enabling Occ Participation 2 (OCCT5009) Subscribe
OCCT5010_S1 - Enabling Occ Participation 3 (OCCT5010) Subscribe
OCCT5011_S2 - Research Methods (OCCT5011) Subscribe
OCCT5012_S1 - Professional Practice 2 (OCCT5012) Subscribe
OCCT5012_S31 - Professional Practice 2 (OCCT5012) Subscribe
OCCT6002_S2 - Advancing Occupational Therapy (OCCT6002) Subscribe
OCCT6003_S2 - Specialist Practice (OCCT6003) Subscribe
OCCT6004_S12 - Dissertation/ EB Project (OCCT6004) Subscribe
OCCT6009_S3 - Professional Practice 3 (OCCT6009) Subscribe
OCCT6009_S31 - Professional Practice 3 (OCCT6009) Subscribe
OCCT7004_S2 - Occupational Disruption (OCCT7004) Subscribe
OCCT7006_S2 - Transform OT Practice (OCCT7006) Subscribe
OCCT7007_S2 - Lship & Mgmnt in HSC (OCCT7007) Subscribe
OCCT7013_S12 - Perspecs on Occ, Hlth & Wllbng (OCCT7013) Subscribe
OCCT7014_S1 - Therapeutic Processes (OCCT7014) Subscribe
OCCT7015_S1 - Occ Therapy Core Skills (OCCT7015) Subscribe
OCCT7016_S12 - Struc & Function Human Body (OCCT7016) Subscribe
OCCT7017_S2 - The Evidence Base of Practice (OCCT7017) Subscribe
OCCT7017_S3 - The Evidence Base of Practice (OCCT7017) Subscribe
OCCT7018_S2 - Enabling Occ Participation 1 (OCCT7018) Subscribe
OCCT7019_S1 - Enabling Occ Participation 2 (OCCT7019) Subscribe
OCCT7020_S1 - Enabling Occ Participation 3 (OCCT7020) Subscribe
OCCT7021_S32 - Occ Therapy Dissertation (OCCT7021) Subscribe
P0010200_Advisees - Academic Advisor Jane Potter Subscribe
P0011326_Advisees - Academic Advisor Adrian Robinson Subscribe
P0011461_Advisees - Academic Advisor Belinda Twissell Subscribe
P0011766_Advisees - Academic Advisor Guy Huber Subscribe
P0011788_Advisees - Academic Advisor Rosa Codina Sotomayor Subscribe
P0011801_Advisees - Academic Advisor Dana Wentworth Subscribe
P0011846_Advisees - Academic Advisor Pete Turner Subscribe
P0011847_Advisees - Academic Advisor Denise Bryan Subscribe
P0011906_Advisees - Academic Advisor Joanna Kennedy Subscribe
P0011932_Advisees - Academic Advisor Shelly Coe Subscribe
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P0012982_Advisees - Academic Advisor Kashinath Basu Subscribe
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P0014664_Advisees - Academic Advisor Charlotte Maddison Subscribe
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P0087157_Advisees - Academic Advisor Roderick Galam Subscribe
P0087393_Advisees - Academic Advisor Gary Savage Subscribe
P0087447_Advisees - Academic Advisor Kate Mahony Subscribe
P0087449_Advisees - Academic Advisor Muhammad Hilmi Kamarudin Subscribe
P0088065_Advisees - Academic Advisor Celia Peak-Smylie Subscribe
P0088172_Advisees - Academic Advisor Linda Shimumbi Subscribe
P0088278_Advisees - Academic Advisor Alister Widdowson Subscribe
P0088462_Advisees - Academic Advisor Marie Herd Subscribe
P0088501_Advisees - Academic Advisor Vimala Sinniah Subscribe
P0088503_Advisees - Academic Advisor Sally Bassett Subscribe
P0088552_Advisees - Academic Advisor Charoula Tzanakou Subscribe
P0088862_Advisees - Academic Advisor Helene Kazan Subscribe
P0088987_Advisees - Academic Advisor Jeremy Zwiegelaar Subscribe
P0089047_Advisees - Academic Advisor Christine Ivory Subscribe
P0089112_Advisees - Academic Advisor Hashem Dehghanniri Subscribe
P0089121_Advisees - Academic Advisor George Darby Subscribe
P0089203_Advisees - Academic Advisor Alys Beverton Subscribe
P0089221_Advisees - Academic Advisor Claudia Lueders Subscribe
P0089331_Advisees - Academic Advisor Shadi Eltanani Subscribe
P0089333_Advisees - Academic Advisor Susan Chilton Subscribe
P0089386_Advisees - Academic Advisor Inna Skarga-Bandurova Subscribe
P0089404_Advisees - Academic Advisor Jane Forsyth Subscribe
P0089422_Advisees - Academic Advisor Junaid Shaikh Subscribe
P0089518_Advisees - Academic Advisor Titilayo Ogunyemi Subscribe
P0089597_Advisees - Academic Advisor Tanya Rihtman Subscribe
P0089642_Advisees - Academic Advisor Sarah Rogers Subscribe
P0089656_Advisees - Academic Advisor Junior Oliveira De Almeida Subscribe
P0089953_Advisees - Academic Advisor Zhihao Chen Subscribe
P0090237_Advisees - Academic Advisor Neal Harris Subscribe
P0090328_Advisees - Academic Advisor Alexander Rast Subscribe
P0090343_Advisees - Academic Advisor Aydin Azizi Subscribe
P0090531_Advisees - Academic Advisor Nura Alwan Subscribe
P0090612_Advisees - Academic Advisor Vasiliki Iatridi Subscribe
P0090613_Advisees - Academic Advisor Joshua Dixon Subscribe
P0090662_Advisees - Academic Advisor Doaa Althalathini Subscribe
P0090700_Advisees - Academic Advisor Harpreet Dhillon Subscribe
P0090716_Advisees - Academic Advisor Alexander Powell Subscribe
P0090748_Advisees - Academic Advisor Eleanor Bland Subscribe
P0090751_Advisees - Academic Advisor Ahalya Bala Subscribe
P0090755_Advisees - Academic Advisor Enora Lessinger Subscribe
P0090769_Advisees - Academic Advisor Brianna Wyatt Subscribe
P0090771_Advisees - Academic Advisor Robert Norris Subscribe
P0090778_Advisees - Academic Advisor Shelley Beck Subscribe
P0090855_Advisees - Academic Advisor Javier Monllor Subscribe
P0091086_Advisees - Academic Advisor Lindsey Johnston Subscribe
P0091088_Advisees - Academic Advisor Janet Massey-Pawadyira Subscribe
P0091095_Advisees - Academic Advisor David Manning Subscribe
P0091208_Advisees - Academic Advisor Saldiam Barillas Subscribe
P0091318_Advisees - Academic Advisor Melanie Diggle Subscribe
P0091408_Advisees - Academic Advisor Naomi Luhde-Thompson Subscribe
P0091409_Advisees - Academic Advisor Kevin Cordingley Subscribe
P0091421_Advisees - Academic Advisor Lauren Tuckerman Subscribe
P0091423_Advisees - Academic Advisor Syahirah Abdul Rahman Subscribe
P0091424_Advisees - Academic Advisor Karla Zimpel-Leal Subscribe
P0091452_Advisees - Academic Advisor Robin Robin Subscribe
P0091456_Advisees - Academic Advisor Omar Amoudi Subscribe
P0091544_Advisees - Academic Advisor Andrew Page-Towers Subscribe
P0091593_Advisees - Academic Advisor Laurence Mann Subscribe
P0091651_Advisees - Academic Advisor Paul Hough Subscribe
P0091908_Advisees - Academic Advisor Ahmad Abd Rabuh Subscribe
P0091972_Advisees - Academic Advisor Simon Smith Subscribe
P0091983_Advisees - Academic Advisor Fabian Frenzel Subscribe
P0092064_Advisees - Academic Advisor Francisco Trincado Munoz Subscribe
P0092113_Advisees - Academic Advisor Stefanos Ioannou Subscribe
P0092146_Advisees - Academic Advisor Haifeng Pettinger Subscribe
P0092401_Advisees - Academic Advisor Christopher Lizotte Subscribe
P0092525_Advisees - Academic Advisor Julian Ayeh Subscribe
P0092532_Advisees - Academic Advisor Zaid Alrawadieh Subscribe
P0092535_Advisees - Academic Advisor Eleni Elia Subscribe
P0092572_Advisees - Academic Advisor Helen Krawczyk Subscribe
P0092656_Advisees - Academic Advisor Polly Silk Subscribe
P0092683_Advisees - Academic Advisor Ibrahim Daniel Subscribe
P0092716_Advisees - Academic Advisor Farhad Nikhashemi Subscribe
P0092727_Advisees - Academic Advisor Maya Corry Subscribe
P0092782_Advisees - Academic Advisor Emma Mellors Subscribe
P0092874_Advisees - Academic Advisor Max Morris Subscribe
P0092931_Advisees - Academic Advisor Christos Papachristopoulos Subscribe
P0092977_Advisees - Academic Advisor Tzameret Rubin Subscribe
P0093360_Advisees - Academic Advisor Nadeen Purna Subscribe
P0093408_Advisees - Academic Advisor Jack Pickford-Brake Subscribe
P0093493_Advisees - Academic Advisor Susan Allen Subscribe
P0093499_Advisees - Academic Advisor Rachel Bloodworth-Strong Subscribe
P0093564_Advisees - Academic Advisor Kate Fahey Subscribe
P0093565_Advisees - Academic Advisor Karen Cripps Subscribe
P0093568_Advisees - Academic Advisor Achas Burin Subscribe
P0093599_Advisees - Academic Advisor Aisling Daly Subscribe
P0093835_Advisees - Academic Advisor Jamie Sims Subscribe
P0093839_Advisees - Academic Advisor Grace Low Subscribe
P0093858_Advisees - Academic Advisor Abbas Ziafati Bafarasat Subscribe
P0093893_Advisees - Academic Advisor Carrie Hurter Subscribe
P0093910_Advisees - Academic Advisor Husni Kharouf Subscribe
P0093915_Advisees - Academic Advisor Zaneta Azuma-Kotei Subscribe
P0093968_Advisees - Academic Advisor Michele Chiariello Subscribe
P0093971_Advisees - Academic Advisor Lilian Schwoerer Subscribe
P0093993_Advisees - Academic Advisor Peter Mcgowran Subscribe
P0094063_Advisees - Academic Advisor Huan Yang Subscribe
P0094091_Advisees - Academic Advisor Julia Papworth Subscribe
P0094134_Advisees - Academic Advisor Claire Launchbury Subscribe
P0094341_Advisees - Academic Advisor Omar Abou Hamdan Subscribe
P0094585_Advisees - Academic Advisor Tichi Nyatichi Subscribe
P0094627_Advisees - Academic Advisor Hanlin Wang Subscribe
P0094655_Advisees - Academic Advisor Hugues Seraphin Subscribe
P0094657_Advisees - Academic Advisor Natthinee Thampanya Subscribe
P0094678_Advisees - Academic Advisor Claudia Macaveiu Subscribe
P0094685_Advisees - Academic Advisor Tim Sayer Subscribe
P0094700_Advisees - Academic Advisor Rebecca Beech Subscribe
P0094710_Advisees - Academic Advisor Harsh Khedar Subscribe
P0094749_Advisees - Academic Advisor Maryam Yousefi Nejad Subscribe
P0094843_Advisees - Academic Advisor Taghi Doostgharin Subscribe
P0094844_Advisees - Academic Advisor Sakhile Masuku Subscribe
P0094892_Advisees - Academic Advisor Jeshma Thalapil Vaheeda Subscribe
P0094929_Advisees - Academic Advisor Najam Ul Zia Subscribe
P0095045_Advisees - Academic Advisor Rebecca Rose Nocella Subscribe
P0095047_Advisees - Academic Advisor Roshani Palliyaguru Subscribe
P0095150_Advisees - Academic Advisor Carolina Redolfi Subscribe
P0095276_Advisees - Academic Advisor Sarah Ambrose Willson Subscribe
P0095277_Advisees - Academic Advisor Bridgette Brogden Subscribe
P0095332_Advisees - Academic Advisor Mohammad Noman Hossain Chowdhury Subscribe
P0095411_Advisees - Academic Advisor Rocco Porreca Subscribe
P0095414_Advisees - Academic Advisor Funlola Famuyiwa Subscribe
P0095424_Advisees - Academic Advisor Basirat Oyalowo Subscribe
P0095425_Advisees - Academic Advisor Jackie Yang Subscribe
P0095482_Advisees - Academic Advisor Muhammad Abbasi Subscribe
P0095646_Advisees - Academic Advisor Zeeshan Ali Subscribe
P0095740_Advisees - Academic Advisor Grace Di Meo Subscribe
P0095755_Advisees - Academic Advisor Rich Hester Subscribe
PARA4011_S12 - Fundamentals of Paramedic Asst (PARA4011) Subscribe
PARA4012_S12 - Anatomy & Physiology for Paras (PARA4012) Subscribe
PARA4013_S12 - Fundamentals of Clinical Pract (PARA4013) Subscribe
PARA4014_S1 - Principles of Prof Practice (PARA4014) Subscribe
PARA4015_S2 - Fundamentals of Evidence Based (PARA4015) Subscribe
PARA5012_S12 - Developing Paramedic Assmt (PARA5012) Subscribe
PARA5013_S12 - Developing Clinical Practice (PARA5013) Subscribe
PARA5015_S12 - Pathophysiology for Paramedics (PARA5015) Subscribe
PARA5016_S1 - Mental Health: Paramedic Pract (PARA5016) Subscribe
PARA5017_S2 - Paramedic Research Methods (PARA5017) Subscribe
PARA6001_S12 - Dissertation: Para Science (PARA6001) Subscribe
PARA6002_S12 - Paramedic Clinical Practice 3 (PARA6002) Subscribe
PARA6004_S12 - Education & Training Para Prac (PARA6004) Subscribe
PARA6006_S2 - Assess & Manage Minor Injuries (PARA6006) Subscribe
PARA6007_S12 - Enhanced Patient Assmt (PARA6007) Subscribe
PARA6008_S12 - Enhanced Clinical Pract (PARA6008) Subscribe
PARA6009_S1 - Pharmacology for Paramedics (PARA6009) Subscribe
PARA6010_S2 - Applied Practice Education (PARA6010) Subscribe
PARA6011_S12 - Paramedic Science Dissertation (PARA6011) Subscribe
PGCE6017_T13 - Developing Professional Prac (PGCE6017) Subscribe
PGCE6050_T13 - PGCE Core Subjects (PGCE6050) Subscribe
PGCE6051_T13 - PGCE Foundation Subjects (PGCE6051) Subscribe
PGCE6052_T1 - Professional Studies, ITaP: 1 (PGCE6052) Subscribe
PGCE6053_T2 - Professional Studies, ITaP: 2 (PGCE6053) Subscribe
PGCE6054_T3 - Professional Studies, ITaP: 3 (PGCE6054) Subscribe
PGCE7007_T1 - Intro to Professional Learning (PGCE7007) Subscribe
PGCE7008_T2 - Key Issues:Learning & Teaching (PGCE7008) Subscribe
PGCE7009_T3 - Becoming an Early Career Teach (PGCE7009) Subscribe
PGCE7016_T1 - Equity in Education (PGCE7016) Subscribe
PGCE7017_T2 - Evidence Informed Practice (PGCE7017) Subscribe
PGCEQ - PGCEQ Subscribe
PHIL4001_S1 - Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL4001) Subscribe
PHIL4002_S2 - Ethics (PHIL4002) Subscribe
PHIL4003_S2 - Theory of Knowledge (PHIL4003) Subscribe
PHIL4004_S1 - Reason & Argument (PHIL4004) Subscribe
PHIL4005_S1 - Human Nature (PHIL4005) Subscribe
PHIL4006_S2 - Eastern Religious Philosophies (PHIL4006) Subscribe
PHIL4007_S1 - God, Religion & Philosophy (PHIL4007) Subscribe
PHIL4008_S2 - Political Philosophy (PHIL4008) Subscribe
PHIL4009_S1 - Philosophical Voices (PHIL4009) Subscribe
PHIL5002_S2 - Early Modern Philosophy (PHIL5002) Subscribe
PHIL5003_S1 - Philosophy of Science (PHIL5003) Subscribe
PHIL5003_S2 - Philosophy of Science (PHIL5003) Subscribe
PHIL5004_S2 - Language and Reality (PHIL5004) Subscribe
PHIL5005_S1 - Evolution & The Mind (PHIL5005) Subscribe
PHIL5006_S2 - Philosophy as a Way of Life (PHIL5006) Subscribe
PHIL5007_S2 - Continental Phil of Religion (PHIL5007) Subscribe
PHIL5010_S1 - Ethics for the 21st Century (PHIL5010) Subscribe
PHIL5011_S1 - Ancient Greek Philosophy (PHIL5011) Subscribe
PHIL5012_S2 - Early Modern Philosophy (PHIL5012) Subscribe
PHIL5013_S1 - Philosophy of Law (PHIL5013) Subscribe
PHIL5013_S2 - Philosophy of Law (PHIL5013) Subscribe
PHIL5014_S1 - Aesthetics: Philosophy of Art (PHIL5014) Subscribe
PHIL5016_S2 - Philosophy Happiness&Wellbeing (PHIL5016) Subscribe
PHIL6001_S2 - Medieval Philosophy (PHIL6001) Subscribe
PHIL6003_S1 - Experimental Philosophy (PHIL6003) Subscribe
PHIL6004_S1 - Thinking in Dark Times (PHIL6004) Subscribe
PHIL6005_S2 - Moral Vision (PHIL6005) Subscribe
PHIL6006_S1 - Thought & Consciousness (PHIL6006) Subscribe
PHIL6007_S1 - Space, Time and Being (PHIL6007) Subscribe
PHIL6012_S2 - The Moral Mind (PHIL6012) Subscribe
PHIL6013_S1 - Paradoxes (PHIL6013) Subscribe
PHIL6014_S1 - Buddhist Philosophy (PHIL6014) Subscribe
PHIL6015_S2 - Environmental Philosophy (PHIL6015) Subscribe
PHOT4001_S1 - PP1: The Self & the Other (PHOT4001) Subscribe
PHOT4002_S1 - PC1: Exhibiting Photographs (PHOT4002) Subscribe
PHOT4003_S1 - H&T1: Politics & Poetics (PHOT4003) Subscribe
PHOT4004_S2 - PP2: Location & Environment (PHOT4004) Subscribe
PHOT4005_S2 - PC2: Modes & Sites Publication (PHOT4005) Subscribe
PHOT4006_S2 - H&T2: Space, Place & Culture (PHOT4006) Subscribe
PHOT5001_S1 - PP3: Mediation & Moving Image (PHOT5001) Subscribe
PHOT5002_S1 - PC3: Photo & the Creative Ind (PHOT5002) Subscribe
PHOT5004_S1 - H&T3: Media, Culture & Comm (PHOT5004) Subscribe
PHOT5005_S2 - PP4: Visual Narratives & Cult (PHOT5005) Subscribe
PHOT5006_S2 - PC4: Professional Practice (PHOT5006) Subscribe
PHOT5008_S2 - H&T4: Ethics Politics & Visual (PHOT5008) Subscribe
PHOT6001_S12 - PP6: Independent Practice (PHOT6001) Subscribe
PHOT6001_S2 - PP6: Independent Practice (PHOT6001) Subscribe
PHOT6002_S12 - Written Research Project (PHOT6002) Subscribe
PHOT6003_S12 - PP5: Final Major Project (PHOT6003) Subscribe
PLAN4003_S2 - Sustainability & Development (PLAN4003) Subscribe
PLAN4004_S1 - Cities in Historical Contexts (PLAN4004) Subscribe
PLAN4005_S1 - Urban Diversity: Ppl,Soc&Space (PLAN4005) Subscribe
PLAN4006_S1 - Urban Lab 1: UD & Place Exp (PLAN4006) Subscribe
PLAN4007_S2 - Dev Processes & Site Delivery (PLAN4007) Subscribe
PLAN4008_S2 - Urban Lab 2: Arch & Open Space (PLAN4008) Subscribe
PLAN4009_S2 - Building Construct & Practice (PLAN4009) Subscribe
PLAN4012_S1 - Sustainable Dev &Prof Practice (PLAN4012) Subscribe
PLAN4013_S2 - Housing Matters (PLAN4013) Subscribe
PLAN4014_S1 - Foundation Development Law (PLAN4014) Subscribe
PLAN5003_S2 - Environmental Decision Making (PLAN5003) Subscribe
PLAN5005_S1 - Geographic Information Systems (PLAN5005) Subscribe
PLAN5007_S2 - Research Design (PLAN5007) Subscribe
PLAN5008_S1 - Mediating Change:Gov, Pol & So (PLAN5008) Subscribe
PLAN5009_S1 - Plan & Policy Making (PLAN5009) Subscribe
PLAN5010_S1 - Urban Lab 3:Urban Regen & Cons (PLAN5010) Subscribe
PLAN5011_S2 - Urban Dev:Econ & Fin Appraisal (PLAN5011) Subscribe
PLAN5012_S2 - Urban Lab 4: UD Masterplanning (PLAN5012) Subscribe
PLAN5014_S1 - Transport & Society (PLAN5014) Subscribe
PLAN5016_S2 - Professional Practice Skills (PLAN5016) Subscribe
PLAN5017_S2 - Property Law for Developers (PLAN5017) Subscribe
PLAN5018_S1 - Designing the City and GIS (PLAN5018) Subscribe
PLAN5020_S2 - Valuation for Developers (PLAN5020) Subscribe
PLAN6003_S1 - Strategic Planning & Policy (PLAN6003) Subscribe
PLAN6005_S1 - Research Methods (PLAN6005) Subscribe
PLAN6006_S1 - Urban Lab 5:Global City Design (PLAN6006) Subscribe
PLAN6007_S2 - Contemporary Debates (PLAN6007) Subscribe
PLAN6008_S2 - Professional Practice (PLAN6008) Subscribe
PLAN6012_S2 - Research Project (PLAN6012) Subscribe
PLAN6013_S12 - Research Project (PLAN6013) Subscribe
PLAN6014_S2 - Planning & Dev Prof Practice (PLAN6014) Subscribe
PLAN6015_S1 - Developmnt Viability & Finance (PLAN6015) Subscribe
PLAN6016_S2 - Redevelopment and Regeneration (PLAN6016) Subscribe
PLAN6017_S1 - Dev Delivery: Plan & Viability (PLAN6017) Subscribe
PLAN6018_S2 - Project Mgmnt for Dev (PLAN6018) Subscribe
PLAN7016_S1 - Planning Frameworks (PLAN7016) Subscribe
PLAN7017_S2 - Planning for Sust Futures (PLAN7017) Subscribe
PLAN7018_S2 - Place Making (PLAN7018) Subscribe
PLAN7019_S1 - Urban Regen & Historic Cons (PLAN7019) Subscribe
PLAN7020_S12 - Research Methods (PLAN7020) Subscribe
PLAN7020_S21 - Research Methods (PLAN7020) Subscribe
PLAN7022_S1 - Frameworks for Plan: L, P & PP (PLAN7022) Subscribe
PMAN7001_S1 - People, Leadership & Orgs (PMAN7001) Subscribe
PMAN7002_S1 - Project Planning,Control&Risk (PMAN7002) Subscribe
PMAN7003_S2 - Construction Law & Procurement (PMAN7003) Subscribe
PMAN7004_S2 - Managing Tech for Sustain Env (PMAN7004) Subscribe
PMAN7005_S2 - Process Management (PMAN7005) Subscribe
PMAN7006_S2 - Smart Construction Tech & BIM (PMAN7006) Subscribe
PMAN7007_S2 - BIM in Practice (PMAN7007) Subscribe
PMAN7008_S2 - Quantity Surveying Practice (PMAN7008) Subscribe
PMAN7009_S1 - Applied Research Methods (PMAN7009) Subscribe
PMAN7009_S2 - Applied Research Methods (PMAN7009) Subscribe
PMAN7010_S1 - Dissertation (PMAN7010) Subscribe
PMAN7017_S1 - Sustainable Development (PMAN7017) Subscribe
PMAN7018_S1 - Infrastructure Finance (PMAN7018) Subscribe
PMAN7019_S2 - Governance & Political Economy (PMAN7019) Subscribe
PMAN7020_S2 - Development in Practice (PMAN7020) Subscribe
POLI4001_S1 - Political Socialstn & Ideology (POLI4001) Subscribe
POLI4002_S2 - Politics in Comparative Persp (POLI4002) Subscribe
POLI4003_S1 - Critical Skills: Politics & IR (POLI4003) Subscribe
POLI5001_S1 - Political Thought 1: S,R & SC (POLI5001) Subscribe
POLI5007_S2 - Applying Political Thought (POLI5007) Subscribe
POLI5008_S2 - Researching Politics & IR (POLI5008) Subscribe
POLI5016_S1 - State & Society: Europe & US (POLI5016) Subscribe
POLI5017_S1 - Nations and Nationalism (POLI5017) Subscribe
POLI5018_S2 - UK Politics (POLI5018) Subscribe
POLI6005_S1 - Violence,Resistance & Identity (POLI6005) Subscribe
POLI6008_S1 - State & Society:Contemp Russia (POLI6008) Subscribe
POLI6011_S2 - South African Politics (POLI6011) Subscribe
POLI6018_S2 - Freedom, Justice and Identity (POLI6018) Subscribe
POLI6019_S2 - Violence Militarism &Terrorism (POLI6019) Subscribe
POLI6020_S1 - Conflict and Peacebuilding (POLI6020) Subscribe
PREM5001_S1 - Reading & Research (PREM5001) Subscribe
PREM5001_S2 - Reading & Research (PREM5001) Subscribe
PREM5002_S1 - Academic Writing (PREM5002) Subscribe
PREM5002_S2 - Academic Writing (PREM5002) Subscribe
PREM5003_S1 - Seminar & Interview Skills (PREM5003) Subscribe
PREM5003_S2 - Seminar & Interview Skills (PREM5003) Subscribe
PREM6001_S1 - Advanced Reading & Res Skills (PREM6001) Subscribe
PREM6001_S2 - Advanced Reading & Res Skills (PREM6001) Subscribe
PREM6001_S3 - Advanced Reading & Res Skills (PREM6001) Subscribe
PREM6002_S1 - Extended Writing Project (PREM6002) Subscribe
PREM6002_S2 - Extended Writing Project (PREM6002) Subscribe
PREM6002_S3 - Extended Writing Project (PREM6002) Subscribe
PREM6003_S1 - Advanced Seminar Skills (PREM6003) Subscribe
PREM6003_S2 - Advanced Seminar Skills (PREM6003) Subscribe
PREM6003_S3 - Advanced Seminar Skills (PREM6003) Subscribe
PREM6004_S3 - Independent Study Module (PREM6004) Subscribe
PREM6005_S1 - Managing Yourself (PREM6005) Subscribe
PREM6005_S2 - Managing Yourself (PREM6005) Subscribe
PSIO4001_S1 - Skills for Digital Health (PSIO4001) Subscribe
PSIO4005_S12 - Musculoskeletal Hlth & Physio (PSIO4005) Subscribe
PSIO4006_S12 - Cardio-respiratory Physio (PSIO4006) Subscribe
PSIO4007_S12 - Neuro Mvt Ctrl & Physio (PSIO4007) Subscribe
PSIO4008_S2 - Developing Values Based Prof (PSIO4008) Subscribe
PSIO5003_S1 - Collaborative Practices in HC (PSIO5003) Subscribe
PSIO5004_S1 - Health, Wellbeing & Exercise (PSIO5004) Subscribe
PSIO5005_S2 - Integrated Physiotherapy Prac (PSIO5005) Subscribe
PSIO5006_S12 - Physio Mgmt Longterm Condition (PSIO5006) Subscribe
PSIO5010_S1 - Research Methods in Healthcare (PSIO5010) Subscribe
PSIO6004_S2 - Leadership in Hlth & Soc Care (PSIO6004) Subscribe
PSIO6005_S12 - Specialist Physiotherapy Prac (PSIO6005) Subscribe
PSIO6007_S12 - Project or Dissertation (PSIO6007) Subscribe
PSIO7001_S12 - Human Movement & Dysfunction (PSIO7001) Subscribe
PSIO7002_S12 - Neuro Movement Control&Dysfunc (PSIO7002) Subscribe
PSIO7006_S12 - Cardio-respiratory Physio (PSIO7006) Subscribe
PSIO7009_S32 - Pre-Registration Dissertation (PSIO7009) Subscribe
PSIO7010_S1 - Develop Values Based Prof Prac (PSIO7010) Subscribe
PSIO7011_S1 - Health, Wellbeing & Exercise (PSIO7011) Subscribe
PSIO7012_S1 - Physio Mgmt Longterm Condition (PSIO7012) Subscribe
PSIO7013_S2 - Mastering Physio Practice (PSIO7013) Subscribe
PSYC4010_S12 - Intro Key Areas in Psychology (PSYC4010) Subscribe
PSYC4011_S12 - Academic Skills for Psychology (PSYC4011) Subscribe
PSYC4012_S12 - Intro to Psychological Researc (PSYC4012) Subscribe
PSYC4013_S2 - Psychology & Human Factors (PSYC4013) Subscribe
PSYC4014_S1 - Contemporary Issues Psychology (PSYC4014) Subscribe
PSYC4015_S1 - Intro to Psych Res. 1 (PSYC4015) Subscribe
PSYC4016_S2 - Intro to PsycH Res. 2 (PSYC4016) Subscribe
PSYC5012_S1 - App Soc Psyc Global Challenges (PSYC5012) Subscribe
PSYC5013_S1 - Hlth Behaviour Across Lifespan (PSYC5013) Subscribe
PSYC5014_S1 - Perception & Action (PSYC5014) Subscribe
PSYC5015_S2 - Memory & Language (PSYC5015) Subscribe
PSYC5016_S2 - Personality, Indiv Diff & Psyc (PSYC5016) Subscribe
PSYC5018_S2 - Clinical Neuropsychology (PSYC5018) Subscribe
PSYC5019_S12 - Work Experience Preparation (PSYC5019) Subscribe
PSYC5020_S2 - Attachment & Human Development (PSYC5020) Subscribe
PSYC5021_S1 - Psych Research Meths & Stats 1 (PSYC5021) Subscribe
PSYC5022_S2 - Psych Research Meths & Stats 2 (PSYC5022) Subscribe
PSYC6001_S1 - Psychology of MH Conditions (PSYC6001) Subscribe
PSYC6012_S12 - Psychology Project (PSYC6012) Subscribe
PSYC6013_S2 - Concept Iss & Crit Debates Psy (PSYC6013) Subscribe
PSYC6014_S1 - Work & Organisational Psych (PSYC6014) Subscribe
PSYC6014_S2 - Work & Organisational Psych (PSYC6014) Subscribe
PSYC6015_S2 - The Psychology of Devel Disor (PSYC6015) Subscribe
PSYC6016_S1 - Behaviour change & prevention (PSYC6016) Subscribe
PSYC6018_S1 - The Psychology of Mo skil & Pl (PSYC6018) Subscribe
PSYC6019_S2 - Hlthy & Unhlthy Relationships (PSYC6019) Subscribe
PSYC6020_S1 - Psychology of Language (PSYC6020) Subscribe
PSYC6021_S1 - The Self & Autobiographical Me (PSYC6021) Subscribe
PSYC6023_S1 - Specialised Rsrch Skil in Psyc (PSYC6023) Subscribe
PSYC6025_S2 - Devia, Viol and Crim Behav (PSYC6025) Subscribe
PSYC6026_S2 - Psychology of Religion (PSYC6026) Subscribe
PSYC7001_S2 - Brain & Cognition (PSYC7001) Subscribe
PSYC7002_S2 - Conceptual Issues & Soc Psych (PSYC7002) Subscribe
PSYC7003_S2 - Psych Health & Disorders (PSYC7003) Subscribe
PSYC7004_S12 - Qual Methods & Research Skills (PSYC7004) Subscribe
PSYC7005_S12 - Data Analysis & Stats for Psyc (PSYC7005) Subscribe
PSYC7006_S1 - Intelligence, Personality & ID (PSYC7006) Subscribe
PSYC7008_S1 - Cognitive & Social Aspects Dev (PSYC7008) Subscribe
PTE4023_T1 - Child Development 1 (PTE4023) Subscribe
PTE4024_T12 - English 1 (PTE4024) Subscribe
PTE4025_T12 - Mathematics 1 (PTE4025) Subscribe
PTE4026_T12 - Science and DT 1 (PTE4026) Subscribe
PTE4027_T12 - Foundation Subjects 1 (PTE4027) Subscribe
PTE4028_T13 - Professional Studies 1 (PTE4028) Subscribe
PTE4029_T2 - Inclusion 1 (PTE4029) Subscribe
PTE5001_T13 - Sci & Tech: Primary Curriculum (PTE5001) Subscribe
PTE5002_T13 - Primary English: Teach Writing (PTE5002) Subscribe
PTE5003_T13 - Developing Maths Curriculum (PTE5003) Subscribe
PTE5004_T1 - Enquiring in the Humanities (PTE5004) Subscribe
PTE5005_T13 - Broadening the Curriculum:Arts (PTE5005) Subscribe
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PTE5007_T13 - Critical analysis: Ed Research (PTE5007) Subscribe
PTE5008_T13 - Inclusive Pedagogy (PTE5008) Subscribe
PTE6001_T12 - Literature in Primary School (PTE6001) Subscribe
PTE6002_T12 - Curriculum Design: Thematic (PTE6002) Subscribe
PTE6003_T13 - Enrichment Learning: Inclusion (PTE6003) Subscribe
PTE6004_T13 - Enrichment Learning: Health (PTE6004) Subscribe
PTE6006_T13 - Enrichment Learning: Story (PTE6006) Subscribe
PTE6008_T13 - Enrichment Learning: Science (PTE6008) Subscribe
PTE6009_T12 - Extending Prof Practice (PTE6009) Subscribe
PTE6010_T12 - Maths Understanding & Pedagogy (PTE6010) Subscribe
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