Block Elements

This section includes the building blocks that form relatively simple patterns.

How to add an A to Z list to display lists of links alphabetically.

Examples of banners used on the website.

How to add different styles of quotes to your web page.

A guide for the basic coloured box link.

A guide for the basic coloured box object.

Example of how the breadcrumb horizontal list and current page.

How to add embedded content including videos, maps and forms.

How to create basic web forms.

Default section headings and how to create styled headings.

How to add a basic media item with text and image without knowing the exact width of either.

Examples of meet the team type layout items.

Pagination used to display search results or news items.

Examples of styled paragraphs.

Examples of styled right hand content blocks.

A basic search form example.

How to add social media links to web pages.

Examples of different data table styles.

How to create a tabbed section.