Component Patterns

Components are more relatively complex patterns that form distinct sections of a page layout.

How to create an accordion.

A guide for creating coloured box link items.

A guide for creating coloured box object items.

How to create Bootstrap carousels.

A guide for creating contact us panels for the right-hand column.

How to use feature lines to make your section stand out.

A guide for making alternate rows of featured sections.

A guide on adding a simple flow chart.

Examples of the different styles of footer.

How to add a grid row of news or event items.

Examples of the different styles of header.

How to create a left hand navigation.

How to add media list items with text and image without knowing the exact width of either.

A guide on how to add meet the team type layouts.

How to create mixed rows of box links and objects.

How to create a links panel for the right-hand column.

A guide on creating striped box sections.

How to create tiled image panels.

How to create a pop up video modal.