Full width page

Reserved for top level landing pages (ie those linked to from the main menu).

The Ektron equivalent templates are the OneHundredPercent, OneTwoOneColumn and OneFourOneColumn. The OneTwoOneColumn and OneFourOneColumn templates allow you to have either two or four areas for separate content blocks.

Full width page

Header area

The header area contains the default or basic header.

Breadcrumb area

The breadcrumb area contains the breadcrumb.

Banner area

The banner area can contain a banner image, a rotating banner.

Content area

The content area can contain almost all patterns except the related links and contact us box.

Footer area

The footer area contains the default and basic footer.

Designed content

Full width page
  1. The top banner uses a customised striped box with left aligned buttons.
  2. This button opens a YouTube video in a video modal window.
  3. This heading uses the classes hblack, md-title and text-uppercase with buttons in an inline list.

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