Ektron user guides

Various Ektron user guides.

Ektron user guide

General guide to managing content in Ektron.

Creating tabbed panels NEW

How to create tabbed panels for use on your pages.

Adding and editing image carousels

The carousels smartform in Ektron lets you set up image galleries to use on Pagebuilder pages, course entries and other templates that can accept standard Ektron content modules.

Using the Quicklinks widget on Pagebuilder pages

Create a dropdown menu containing a list of items, each of which has an associated web link.

Searching for content (including words and phrases within content) in the workarea

How to search Ektron's workarea to find content modules, or all content modules that contain particular words or phrases within them.

Creating Contact us content modules

How to create the standard Contact us content modules used throughout the site.

Creating accordion content

How to create the standard Accordions used throughout the site.

Scheduling content

Learn how to schedule changes to your content modules so they go live on a particular date / time, and how to archive content you no longer need. 

Managing versions of content

How to see historic versions of your content modules, compare them to the current version and re-publish them.

Course guides

Postgraduate course entries - supporting documents

Ektron user guide for updating PG course entries

A quick overview of how to edit PG courses. It is designed to get you started and also make clear where you can and can’t make changes.

PG course entry field descriptions / template guide for faculty editors

A guide to the course entry template and the content to include in your PG course entries.

Social media guidelines

Advice on creating and managing social media channels.

Social media at Oxford Brookes

Information and advice about current official social media networks.

Visual identity guidelines and templates

Guidelines and resources to help ensure brand consistency.

Corporate identity

Visual identity guidelines and templates.

Quality Assurance

Website quality assurance - links, spellings and more

Siteimprove is the University's website quality assurance software. It can help you find and correct broken links, typos and keep tabs on your site's content.

Free training, tutorials and courses

Paid for training, tutorials and courses

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